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12/25/2003: "lookie ^^"

music: Hoobastank - Out Of Control
mood: Alive

I want to wish everyone a happy new years and a merry Christmas. I'm still working on this thing (I upgraded to gm1.3), but I plan to blog after everything's complete. blush

Replies: 4 flew

on Sunday, December 28th, Subaru said

very cute. glad your back rae!!

on Saturday, December 27th, Aowyn/Nia said

Welcome back. GM1.3 is alright. Anyway, cute layout!

Merry belated Christmas~!

on Friday, December 26th, Jul said

Wow, 1.3 is really cool though I'm too lazy to update.. maybe I'll check it out.. bleh. I love the layout Rae!

on Friday, December 26th, stevie said

lalala gm 1.3 rocks big grin

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