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12/28/2003: "hehe ^^"

music: Faye Wong - Wo Yuen Yi
mood: Lonely

Welp, it seems I've get everything back in order here at perks of a wallflower. ^^ It's good to be back, I guess... I just hope it's worth it. x.o

Let's see, I'm going to start off with what I got for Christmas. Some photos below:

Lots of Asian stuff for my room. big grin

New graphics card from Ivan: Radeon 9600pro. 8D I love it! Neverwinter Nights has never ran so smooth.

A nice sized Hamtaro plushie. I hate Hamtaro, but I'm taking my mom thinks I like it... So I'm not going to say anything. :x

.hack video games from Hebert.

I also got clothes, but I can't take a picture of them because I didn't condition my hair this morning... and well... 'poof'. ^^;

I am still obsessed with Neverwinter Nights, unfortunatly. That game is SO FUN. *Bows* Bioware keeps coming out with expansion packs that make me want to play even more. But I know that when Lineage 2 comes out, I'll move onto that. Has anyone looked at some screenshots? The graphics are amazing! But... I also think the panties are a little too much, lol. See what I mean? They're even lacey! Haha. And I must say, he's quite sexy for a video game character. shocked The faces and hairdo's pwn compared to Neverwinter Nights, that's for sure! I'm still not sure if I'd rather be a dark elf or elf though. sleepy Everyone will play this game with me, right? LOL

I'm going to have to make some new emo's. These really suck. o_o

Welp, I think I'm gonna go ahead and play some .hack. I still haven't played it, and I got it 2 weeks ago. crying I hope it's a good game.

Btw, I got a new screen name: cupkeeki. Please add me --- I lost my buddylist, and I can't remember everyone's screen name. Also, if you use Messenger, my contact name is

Oh, yesh, plugs! Azumi, Jennifer (sorry to hear about you losing all your stuff, it really is a sad thing crying ), Kawaii, Koutaru (do you want me to change your name to Jul?), Nia (I think I already plugged you, but oh well xD), Rikku (I wanna hear the orgasm song~~ ;o; ), Stevie (youz still me best friend Stevie <3).

I wish Val didn't leave me...

Replies: 9 flew

on Wednesday, January 7th, Alycia said

hehe sorry to bother you again, and fill up ur comments thingy but update your links sweetie i moved again lol. comment!!! comment!!!

on Tuesday, January 6th, stephen said

big grin this looks so scary when its in the comment thing xD

on Tuesday, January 6th, Alycia said

yewwie i know yahoo but its only temp yay now you can re-link me with my new site!!

on Tuesday, January 6th, Anastasia said

Great layout you have here! Yes, Lineage 2 looks GREAT...I can't wait until it comes out!

on Saturday, January 3rd, coftia said

welcome back! earthling big grin

on Saturday, January 3rd, Alycia said

yay rae ruu!!! haha i always call u rae ruu all the time so its nothing different to me. hehe yur back im homeless im trying to get a blog back up but i have major layout blockage now.

on Friday, January 2nd, tricia said

you like to be asian? razz i'm asian. hehehe. *grins and waves to my amazing host, rae!*

on Wednesday, December 31st, stevie said

w0000 i got plugged. i havn't gotten around to plugging people yet o.o im a lazy fool xD my next entry is gonna be filled with affraid....very affraid! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

on Monday, December 29th, Jakob said

Hey, hows it going? I feel bad that I havent ever gotten you anything for Christmas or your B-Day. Maybe if you remind me sometime ill think about something I can get you. As for now, you need to start talking on MSN more >P


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