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01/08/2004: "..."

music: Fly To The Sky - Condition Of My Heart
mood: A-Okay

Ignore the last entry. ^^;;;;

<3 u Rikku.

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on Wednesday, January 14th, The Man said

I'm commenting twice on the same day cause this new entry is not real interesting so i went on and read the other post. I made the majority of my comments there. And comming from a guy, Not very many of us know how to appologize. Ever.

*P.S. This is more of my ramblings.

on Wednesday, January 14th, donna said

ooh! you're taking Japanese? i heard it's hecka hard, but i know you'll do good wink

on Sunday, January 11th, itako said

Well I only just arrived to read your blog and say hi ^^;;
School is a stressful thing but usually it works out in the end... right? ^^;;;

on Saturday, January 10th, Jul said

:p that was one long entry but I read some of it. Sheesh, school is stressful isn't it? Hope everything works out for you in the end..

on Thursday, January 8th, Rikku said

Oh yay! i never wanted a boyfriend except if subbie-kun was real. ;_; rae, don't hate ivan T_T and especially, do NOT hate yourself. please don't hate yourself... at least for me ^_^ +toothy grin+ LOL Anyways, um... idk...? i hope everything become better soon.. very soon

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