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02/01/2004: "lol"

music: Akia - Pink Panties
mood: Happy

Lol. Oops.

I'll blog later. I got sucked into NWN and now I need to clean the house for my mommy. wink

Like the layout none the less? I hope! hehe

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on Tuesday, February 3rd, BaT*MaN said

I'm Batman..

on Tuesday, February 3rd, Danish said

I wish I had NWN. Gunbound seems to have lost my interest lately. And that Boktai game is really pissing me off -_- (Hideo Kojima, you evil bastard.)

Anyways,Herro Rae-ruu-chan. ^__^

on Tuesday, February 3rd, Jakob said

Man Raechell, im here at school and your not sitting beside me, is that the 3rd day? Maybe you should stay away from the game alittle o_o;

Oh yeah I have good news and bad news about my internet, ill tell you whenever I see you >O


on Monday, February 2nd, Yeivori. said

The layouts unique.

on Monday, February 2nd, coftia said

MY FAVORITE DESIGN FROM U DEAR big grin u go! i love i love i love big grin and we miss jooo

on Monday, February 2nd, rikku said

like always... great job on the layout! hehe Anyways, hope to see you online soon.

on Monday, February 2nd, geli said

i love the design ! Never Winter Nights (i hope you meant this XD)is a great game but I'm way to stupid to get along with it ..

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