01/26/2003 Entry: "gbook"

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Weee... finally got the gbook up. Go and visit it, ho's, or I'll take your customers away!

Uhm... quite a few plugs, and I'm too lazy to post them. x.x Maybe later.

Random updates:

Coftia, I still can't login to unclosed.net. :( What to do, what to do?

New domain layout coming soon, plus my friend's TATU fan site! w00p w00p.

Pictures of some of my friends here.

Rikku, you better make that 80% go up! I really want you to come and visit me. How long will you get to stay anyway??

MANAMI/KIM... you need a blog! I'll host it for you, if you want.

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haha! I *NEED* one Raechu says! Okay sure I will have a blog at your domain. I'll see you AIM about it.
Kim // 01/30/03 // 07:59 PM

Rae, I'm such an idiot. I didn't realize this was you. o_O; Sorry.
Yuffie // 01/26/03 // 11:59 PM

Hey it's the girl with good grades that you hate. Lol. Nice blog and domain. xD
Yuffie // 01/26/03 // 11:56 PM

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