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04/06/2004: " anti-abuse"

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mood: Slweepy

After many complaints, I've updated my little baby. hehe

Trying to get back in the groove of web design... so far so good. I just more inspiration for my other abused sites. crying

Edit: Is it just me, or are the last two images from *my* web site? Maybe Asuka (errr, I think) from Evangelion isn't (I found this at another artists' web site, even though I can't seem to find it anymore), but I *know* the last one is. Nice thinking resize the image to where my watermark can't be seen. Too bad I don't approve. I'll be sure to email them to take the image down and scan the image for themself. Or, either, they link to me or something. The RO image is also from someone else, because I emailed her myself to ask if I could use the image. *sigh* People these days. rolls eyes

Replies: 10 flew

on Tuesday, April 20th, I'm not your friend said

Do you know anything about copyright? Apparently you don't.

1. The images are copyright to the artist, NOT YOU.

2. YOU took the images from websites ONLINE. They are NOT YOURS.

3. Unlike the OFFICIAL site, you actually watermarked it, as though you staked a claim on some stupid shit that is again, NOT YOURS.

on Sunday, April 11th, Jakob said

Very nice layout you did here. This Spring Break has been very boring and I know you agree. The only thing ive been thinking about these past 3 days is my stupid PP Presentation for 2nd block. Im beginning to hate that class, not for the people, but what we do. :doze:

on Saturday, April 10th, rikku said

and i love your new layout *_* but how hard can it be to give credit?

on Saturday, April 10th, Jennifer said

Oi! Rae I havent seen you for ages! Come on aim sometime ^^

on Friday, April 9th, Nia said

They want to be the only ones with all of the good Hyung-tae Kim stuff e.e so that is why they go around accusing people with images from him. It's not an assumption ;] I analyzed their motives and that's the result I got. There's more, though :D I know of a site they *probably* took the images from, though <.< ::Giggles.::

on Friday, April 9th, rikku said

rae, we all know who they are and i can't believe it. aren't they the ones going around accusing people and now they steal from your site w/o credit O.o oh btw, i got a new layout at my domain all thanks to your site i got a good pic of calintz ^^ (don't worry i gave you credit)

on Thursday, April 8th, Alycia said

hi rae i miss you!

on Thursday, April 8th, Anastasia said

Been a long time ^^; I love the new layout here and the on at is gorgeous. That's really stupid what the person're really doing the right thing though...good luck!

on Wednesday, April 7th, stephen said

OMFG!!!! that iamge was totally stolen from your site i can see the watermark BARELY!!!!

on Tuesday, April 6th, Nia said

Lookin' hot. I've neglected web design :\ must get back to it.. I hope you're feeling a lot better, though. Sign on and talk to me :hehe:

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