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04/17/2004: "geez"

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Question of the day: Do the 'woggers' crave attention? YES or NO.

If you guessed YES, you're correct!

Once I read all those silly comments the 'woggers' put on my last entry, I was enraged. But, I'm going to be semi-polite about it, just like I was when I emailed Sheila and that girl.

First I'll reply to their angry lil' posts.

'wogger' said:
#1 nitty gritty has been up for ages, your htk site came like..years after which can be considered a copy already.
Even though your site is about Hyung-tae Kim, and mine's for his artwork. *thumbs up*

#2 you stole from and before
I've already confessed to this, did I not? (I don't know who you are, but I know damn well Serge knows I did.) And anyway, isn't this about the 'woggers'?

#3 you have 'talent' in cropping out watermarks and pretending you scanned the pics yourself
I've already learned from my past mistake, and I'm positive I'll never do it again.

#4 everything on nitty gritty was and is since its opening 100% our OWN scans from our OWN artbooks or things used with permission. your gallery consists of stolen stuff and uncredited gift arts even
WRONG. I own the OXIDE artbook, and my friend down the street (Jakob) owns the game. Everything is credited, if you've looked anywhere besides the artwork.

#5 what makes you think you could be the only person in the f* world who owns an artbook i wonder? if you have one at all..
What does that mean? Lol. Anyway, I don't, because I'm not cocky like you. You're "if you have one at all.." pretty much sums up to: "ONLY WOGGERS OWN THE ARTBOOK!"

#6 .. i am tired to list more >_>
k o.o

just stop it, it is ridiculous
If you want me to "stop it", why don't the 'woggers'?

'What the hell is this?' said:
Coming from the girl who stole scans from and and cropped out the watermark, I don't think you're in any position to make false accusations about the people you and your buddies have ripped off countless times before.
False accusations, when I have evidence? I'm not stupid enough to see something stolen and not take a screenshot. And for those stolen scans, THAT WAS AGES AGO. Why do you keep bringing it up when I've already confessed and took them down?

Just to satisfy my own curiosity, what images are you claiming were stolen from you? All are scanned by the 'Woggers' themselves (read: not stolen from Korean sites, such as occurs at your site) and, as hard as I'm looking with my perfect vision, I can't see a single watermark.
The last two that I stated in an email to both Sheila & the girl, plus in my last blog entry. READ BETTER NEXT TIME. And, no, mine aren't stolen from Korean sites, since they are credited. Annnd, with your so called 'perfect vision', you forgot the fact the new jamm.jpg image up on the web site has been edited. Which I will prove when I'm done.

'embz' said again:
Raechelle, you lying loser. Who would steal from _you_? Definitely not us, since we have our own ways of getting the artbooks; and unlike you, we don't need our mommies to pay for 'em.
'Embz', you're stuck up. Get over yourself. And due to the fact I used my birthday money, and random cash I earned to buy the artbook, I have to say I *did* pay for it. (And I must apologize for the fact I'M TOO YOUNG TO WORK ANYWHERE.) Don't talk like you're a stalker, you sicko.

*yawn* I'm getting tired of them. Seriously.

Here's my evidence that the watermark has been edited since I last posted:

The last image (jamm.jpg on Nitty Gritty) was put up on their site several months after I bought the artbook and scanned the image. How odd.
The original image on their site before they saw the previous post on my blog. Looks a bit different from the new image up? You be the judge.

I think it's kind of sick that I emailed them about this (not even planning on making it public), and they rush to edit the watermark and insult me and Weird how they're so pissy over something they did this time. Might as well put yourself on, huh, 'woggers'?

Anyway, here's evidence that I own the OXIDE artbook and my friend owns the game:


Whatever. To you 'woggers', take down my image and stop being babies about it. It's really getting old how dramatic most of you are. It's also sick you blame me for stealing and calling me a liar about it, when it's obvious any graphic designer can see when someone used the airbrush tool to override something (in this case, my watermark).

You can post on my blog as much as you want, but I already know you're going to prove my evidence wrong (you don't think I logged how you work?). I know none of you have screenshots, due to the fact you didn't think you'd get caught. I don't know *why* you thought this, but I'm sorry, you've been branded 'CAUGHT'. As I said in the email, please take down my image(s) from *my* site, or give me credit. (Another comment on crediting: I emailed the girl who scanned the RO mage by Hyung-tae Kim, and I gave her credit. I see that you didn't. And don't tell me you guys scanned it, because they're exactly the same.)

Just cooperate and be hastey about it. I didn't want this to be a big deal, but some of you guys are just too egotistic to go ahead and admit what you've done. So just shut up and take the image off Nitty Gritty before I go farther than I have to.

Replies: 5 flew

on Tuesday, April 20th, Raechell's Psychological Profile said

The Exhibitionist. These people are genuinely out there trying to wiggle their junk in everyone's faces. They are ACTIVELY making a nuisance of themselves via their weblogs in order to draw attention. They rant about controversial topics and take the side most likely to produce the largest public outcry from their readers. They want attention and don't care if it's bad or good, they just need someone to pay them attention. The Exhibitionist often evolves out of failed attempts at other weblogger archetypes in the same way that the frantic struggles of a drowning swimmer evolve from the patient water-treading that slowly drains their physical reserves. They are the kids that behave badly in school because it gets them noticed. These people deserve all the bad attention they can get...let them wallow in their filth and enjoy the show.

The Self-Important Moron. These people honestly believe that they have 'listeners' who actually care what they think about the various topics they rant about in their weblogs. They believe that their opinions matter in the grand scheme of things. They are typically idealists who believe that one-person-can-make-a-difference bullshit applies to them personally or that they are somehow more enlightened than the rest of us schmucks. They tend to be rather self-involved or often highly opinionated about one particular subject area (politics, music, etc.) and feel that their random meanderings on the subject are justified by their profound and unique insight into it. Truth is, nobody really fucking cares what these people think. These people deserve to be sodomized with a red-hot poker and slowly eaten alive by army ants.

The Obsessive-Delusional Ranter. These people can't turn it off. They fixate on everything and NEED to talk about it. These are the people you have to find an excuse to walk away from occasionally because they just fucking won't shut the hell up. They have an opinion on everything, whether they do or not. Often, their weblogs are unfocused, blindly-meandering, blatherfests that may start on one topic and end up passing through twenty new topics before finally ending in a non sequitur or some comment about a failed love affair two years ago. They'll talk about the oatmeal they had for breakfast and come up with four reasons not to talk to chipmunks on a weekday and then get started on their opinions about Jewish footwear, all in the same log entry. They are severely agitated personalities who hunger constantly to express all the myriad thoughts in their head, but often have no one to listen to them or just no one around at the time to listen to them. These people need a pre-frontal lobotomy followed by a cinderblock head message or a morphine drip and a phat blunt.

on Sunday, April 18th, stephen said

yeah, she can use photoshop to edit screenshots but what matters is not the screen shot, what matters is that the fucking image on the site is IDENTICAL TO THE FUCKING SCREENSHOT YOU FUCKING IDIOT!

on Sunday, April 18th, What the hell is this? said

"The last two that I stated in an email to both Sheila & the girl, plus in my last blog entry. READ BETTER NEXT TIME."

Since I am neither Sheila or "the girl" (who actually has a name), I'm not in the position to know what was written in those emails. As for your last blog entry, I didn't care to read that far. As an aside, how can I "read BETTER" if I didn't read it in the first place?

"And, no, mine aren't stolen from Korean sites, since they are credited."

Oh, right. So I could take the possession of another person, without their knowledge or consent, and tell other people whose it is -- but it's O.K., I'm not stealing!

"Annnd, with your so called 'perfect vision', you forgot the fact the new jamm.jpg image up on the web site has been edited."

Firstly, I don't see how my perfect vision is connected to my memory. Secondly, how can I forget a fact that I don't know to begin with?

What the hell are you on about?

"Which I will prove when I'm done."

Your "proof" is laughable. Well done, you can use Photoshop to edit screenshots! :rolleyes:

on Saturday, April 17th, Stephen said

good evidence. aren't all the woggers like 20 years old now? :O its annoying, that i am more mature by people at least 3 years older than me. lets not even get started with they are assholes they compiles a whole page about coftia and had the nerve to use false evidence to support their lies. than when we question them they come to our sites and say we stole when we havn't done a thing. its funny. my forum has lost almost all of its registratiosn it was havign because of they said that we supported internet theft. they probably are thinking 'oh look they took down the two supposed stolen themes because we caught them' when really i took them down because the forum died and i had to reinstall everything and all that i could save was my posts and members.

anyway, the woggers can simply be described as people who just need to grow up. and stoptheif needs to use the print screen button up next to f12...

on Saturday, April 17th, Jakob said

Wow, I must say if the "woggers" are so desperate enough that they have to steal two images from you, then they are making very poor progressive for being up several years.

They seem more childish than I thought. :doze:

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