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04/18/2004: "FINAL BOUT :O"

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Okay, continuing from "'WOGGER' DRAMA"...

What the hell is this? was silly enough to reply to my post. I must add, all his/her 'comebacks' didn't make me change my mind. They go off the subject to other things that are out of the question.

What the hell is this? said:
"The last two that I stated in an email to both Sheila & the girl, plus in my last blog entry. READ BETTER NEXT TIME."

Since I am neither Sheila or "the girl" (who actually has a name), I'm not in the position to know what was written in those emails. As for your last blog entry, I didn't care to read that far. As an aside, how can I "read BETTER" if I didn't read it in the first place?
I know she has a name, genius. I'm not going to go look it up when half of your friends don't even spell my name right (which isn't even how my real name is spelled), which just makes them look dumb. Anyway, I don't care if you didn't read through the whole thing, but why are you expecting me to know this? I'm not Ms. Cleo here, buddy. rolls eyes

"And, no, mine aren't stolen from Korean sites, since they are credited."

Oh, right. So I could take the possession of another person, without their knowledge or consent, and tell other people whose it is -- but it's O.K., I'm not stealing!
Oh right, but no one really has that kind of power in the *real* world! Get out of fantasy and into reality. That has nothing to do with an image, due to the fact an image is third-party.

"Annnd, with your so called 'perfect vision', you forgot the fact the new jamm.jpg image up on the web site has been edited."

Firstly, I don't see how my perfect vision is connected to my memory. Secondly, how can I forget a fact that I don't know to begin with?
I'm not Ms. Cleo buddy. Stop trying to sound innocent here. I've got four witnesses who *SAW* the watermark before someone covered it up. But, alas, you won't believe them. But guess what? I'm not giving up until you confess and take the fucking image down.

What the hell are you on about?
Obviously what this whole deal is about. o_O

"Which I will prove when I'm done."

Your "proof" is laughable. Well done, you can use Photoshop to edit screenshots!
OMG! BUT I DIDN'T! Too bad I know you did. I think you're just angry I have proof.

Woggers, why *is it* that the jamm.jpg picture has been uploaded on April 17th, when I had proven that it was stolen on April 10th? All of you obviously read this blog entry on April 17th, because that's when you all commented. LOGGED = PWNED.

Take down my image, and stop bitchin' around. I have enough proof here.

And if none of that shit convinces you, why do you *have* to have that OXIDE image up, when I've had it up since October 4th (1.jpg)? Why don't you just scan another one and replace the one you stole from me? Why does that image mean 'so much'?

Btw, if you scan an OXIDE image (scan? --- or should I say steal?), I will still scan the same one from my OXIDE book. (That's the point of --- to have as many images from Hyung-tae Kim, duh.) But I will make sure they're absolutely different in *some* way (or have some type of proof).

This is the last time I'm saying it: TAKE DOWN MY IMAGE.

Replies: 6 flew

on Sunday, April 18th, stephen said

im going to get all my friends to stare at the modified image on nitty. at where the watermark used to eb than im gonna contact from airbrushers, just to see what THEY think ;)

oh and wthit: i am a good friend of raechell and coftia.

on Sunday, April 18th, wogger's have bad breath said

wt-hell is this:

Who are you, and why do you expect anyone to care. Get out of the scene if you have nothing constructive to say, and don't even state any opinions because from what I've seen it's mindless talk. As far as I know you work for the 'devil'. :p

on Sunday, April 18th, Raechell said

Okay, 'What the hell is this?', since you're not a 'wogger', I don't give a rat's ass what you have to say. Your comment for this entry was totally useless, it has nothing to do with the stolen image, it has to do with *you*. And frankly, I don't care about *you*, since you have nothing to do with it, and since you have nothing to do with Nitty Gritty.

If you're not a 'wogger', you should've said so in the first place. Stop acting like a baby and suck up the fact your little idol 'woggers' did something wrong.




on Sunday, April 18th, Jakob said

Okay, if you are not a wogger then why are you getting into this mess? I dont think she really has time for your comments. All she wants is her stolen images tooken off their site.

Next time put your name in and stop being a little child.

on Sunday, April 18th, What the hell is this? said

To set a few things straight, I'm not a "Wogger" as you call them, nor do I even know them. (I am getting involved, though, because I've been around long enough to know that you and Coftia are constantly ripping off the Woggers, and to see YOU accusing THEM is wrong and angers me). So, stop addressing me as though I am.

Practice what you preach issue going on here. Your last response made out like I was "Ms Cleo" and I SHOULD know what images you think were stolen and I SHOULD know that said images have been edited since then.

Besides I never said you were "Ms Cleo" or "expected you to know this". Not once. READ BETTER NEXT TIME.

And I'm not trying to sound innocent, BECAUSE I'M NOT GUILTY. You, on the other hand, are trying to sound the victim. When YOU stirred all this shit up - the Woggers don't crave attention, YOU DO!

--Note that I'm not ignoring any of your other arguements. They're too idiotic and don't make any sense at all for me to dignify with a response.--

To Stephen: Who are you, and why do you expect anyone to care?

on Sunday, April 18th, stephen said

rae you are completely utterly wrong. you have 6 witnesses. i showed two people the watermark. lol. they would be happy to back it up.

anyway. why dont you people get it, all we want is for you to take the stuff down and put your own up. we are peaceful if you just listen and be nice about this, im sure was can all be friends. you people might not know this, but some of us are pretty nice and dont want to argue like this.

all you are doign by calling us theives and arguing with us and flamign us is makign the situation worse. we just want it to end. beleive it or not, this has gotten way out of hand. we are nice people and im sure you guys are too. why cant we all just be friends? is it so hard?

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