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04/19/2004: "okay"

music: michael andrews - mad world
mood: sleepy

Okay, I'm through with 'What the hell is this?' and I'm going to focus on the 'woggers', since he states he "isn't one".

I'm going to give you 'woggers' three day, starting now, to take down my image off Nitty Gritty. I have enough proof, and screenshots, to show you stole it. Just STOPTHIEF! rolls eyes

If the image isn't down, I have a back up plan. And you won't like it. LOL

Well, whatever. You can flame me more if you want, but I know what you did, and I will make it public to make sure my word gets out to every fucking one of you. All my proof is right here.

I will be watching you, 'woggers'.

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