02/23/2003 Entry: "pluggz"

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PLUGGZ~ Coftia, Bera, Jess, and my personal site. ;D

I don't have anything to blog about... so bye bye.

EDIT: Misaki -- sorry babe, I forgot about your new layout. ::Is slow.::

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awesome layout! reminds me of math :D thanks for plug
coftia // 02/24/03 // 02:16 AM

WHOA!!!!!! I saw your personal site! It looks so much better than mine..... ;-; And don't worry.... I often fall asleep in front of the computer. XD When I look at the history of what's said, my frien asked if I was sleeping like 20 times XDDDDD And I hope Ivan comes online soon >_<

Misaki // 02/23/03 // 08:10 PM