03/02/2003 Entry: "haha, yay!"

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^_^ I finally switched to Surpass Hosting! I'm so glad I can finally blog... I actually missed it.

Mm, yesterday I rented Excel Saga vol 1. I've only watched the first four episodes, but it's really really funny! I think I may buy the second vol when I save up some money, I'm not sure. I have so many animes to watch and so many more series to finish. x.x A few weeks ago I finally finished I"s (AIZU). I thought the ending was going to be depressing, but it turned out really good! If anyone likes a good love story, I recommend you download it. :] As for more anime news, my friend Jason and I ordered NewType anime magazine. We're waiting for it to arrive with all the little goodies, like a free manga, dvd, etc. I think that's really weird an anime company would do that, but hell... if it's free, I'll take it!

Did anyone know that Toonami will be airing .hack//Sign on March 8 at 12am? I find that really interesting, 'specially since Toonami shows old cartoons half of the time. Maybe this one won't be censored... I hope so. :D

Okay, enough about anime. Let me go ahead and give plugs to all those wonderful people out there:

Coftia & Jess.

Well, here again... this layout was an attempt of the 'retro' style. I think it sucks, personally. Too simple. I think you guys know how I am about simplicity on my layouts. x_x;

School is starting to suck. They assign too much homework, it's crazy. Even though third period is kinda a 'slack-off' class, I'm really behind because I came in week late, and I get harrassed by every freakin' guy in there. I don't know if they're just bored or just like to pester girls, but it's grating on my nerves because I can't finish my work. I think from now on I'm just going to go over to the 'retard room' with that chubby woman. o.o;

I really can't believe this school year is almost over. I'm kinda glad, but kinda sad, because I won't be able to see my friends. :( I hate talking on the phone, but I can always go out somewhere, but either my friends can't or don't want to. Maybe this summer will pass by quickly (for me at least) like last year. It seems I'm growing up too fast. I feel so... old. u_u;;

Well, I best be off now... Gotta reupload everything. It's good to be back tho! :D

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I heard they were airing .hack//sign, too! They're also airing Evangelion (OMG..NO!!) x_x oh, man. I heard Excel Saga was cool, I'd have to check it out. I was going to get it, but I got the rest of the Knight Hunters instead ;x anyhow, this new layout ROCKS MY SOCKS! I love it :D you're attempt in retro style pays off, it's wonderful! I'm slacking off in school myself. But don't start slacking off and fail! If you do, you will die >O lol. Take cares, cutie :D

Can't believe I'll be a senior soon ;[ time flies fast.

Alice // 03/03/03 // 02:52 PM

I agree, I LOVE this layout!!!

Val // 03/02/03 // 09:43 PM

;_; This layout is AWESOME! I'd have to say that mine pale in comparison. :o .. good thing ur my g/f @ the 'dedication'. ;D

Ivan // 03/02/03 // 09:20 PM