03/04/2003 Entry: "ghetto day"

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Haha, this morning there was a bomb threat at school. XD Everyone was crowded into the gym, and every teacher had a mask of panic on. Even though they didn't inform us what was going on, they told us to put away all cell phones. That made it quite obvious there was a bomb threat, since it's a 'known fact' (::Cough.::) that pressing numbers on a cellphone could trigger a bomb.

For about fourty minutes everyone stayed in the gym, then we all went outside for thirty minutes. I had really hoped we were going to be able to go home, but of course we didn't get to.

Around third period I had the worse headache, an extremely running nose, and watery eyes. I was really glad to get out of my class and go into the next room to take a test where my best friends were. After I had finished, around 10 minutes until the bell would ring, Joe comes in telling me I was called for dismissal. WELL, HAHA - I'M LAUGHING, JOE. It was nice that you decided to increase my headache by lying to me and making me walk all the way to the other end of the school to find NO ONE waiting for me. YOU HAVE FINALLY PISSED ME OFF. Thank you. Now I will get to release my anger out on you tomorrow. I can't wait. =]

Anyway, enough of my little 'revenge' plan... Jason told me he watched .hack//Sign and said it was uber boring. o.o That's a disappointment, since I heard it's by the creators of Ghost in the Shell, with a storyline similiar to SELain's.

Oohhh, I finally found someone whom I can get alcohol from, but they want me to pay $22. u_u But he said in, like, 2 shots I'll have a strong buzz, and I'll be throwing up all over the place, lol. I don't really want to throw up, but I do want a buzz. But I don't think I'll be buying from him, that's a little expensive. I think I can actually get some free from my sister's friend Julie, but I keep forgetting to call and ask about it. x.x;

OMG, people, I'm warning you... DO NOT buy a Creative Nomad IIc MP3 player. =\ The ink on my screen busted, and like... yeah. It's ghei. But a SonicBlue Rio 600! They're teh shittles. (That's what my sister has. ><)

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O yeesh!! Thanks for the pluggie ;)
Alicia // 03/05/03 // 12:35 AM

Aww to bad you couldnt go home I wish there was a bomb threat at my school... so we wouldnt have to take exit exams.. blah :P

Alicia // 03/05/03 // 12:34 AM

LMFAO! Ghetto day...

nozomi // 03/04/03 // 10:13 PM

bomb threat? did the assf4c3 get caught!?!?

nozomi // 03/04/03 // 08:20 PM

It's a shame that the person that 'made' the 'bomb threat' didn't just put a little x-mas box in the office so that we could just go home because of a snow globe playing music. :: sigh, kicks dirt. Hm, i'm in the house. nvm ::

Ivan // 03/04/03 // 07:11 PM

Ahh! I bomb threat! X_x;; *runs and hides* o__o;

Oh and it was nice talking to you yesterday. ^_^;

Kawaii // 03/04/03 // 04:54 PM