03/05/2003 Entry: "~_~ lalaaaa"

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Funky. I went to be at 7:30pm yesterday, which means I got around ten hours of sleep. Haha. I feel goooooddd. xD

Aya-chan - rotf @ Naked Weapon. Who'd be crazy enough not to figure there'd be sex in it? XD Oh well.
Bera - WHAT A KYOOTE LAYOUT! I'm glad my tutorial helped, and I want you to know that I'll be glad to help j00 with anything else.
Coftia - OMG, I fell asleep totally forgetting about American Idol, even though you kept saying "AI O_O" to me through IM. >O Bad me! Oh well, I'll catch up.
Jess - your life is almost similar to mine. :\ My mother even encouraged me to speak up about how I feel about my sister, and you know what changed? Nothing. But it felt good to get it off my chest, so maybe it's best if you tell them, too. But don't get high hopes about things changing... Because most likely they won't. Your parents spending all their money on your brother is just as bad of a habit as someone biting their fingernails. But you gotta take chances, huh? ^_^
Misaki - I hope you get a PS2! But ya know what? I heard they're thinking about releasing the PS3 soon. o_O So maybe you should wait...
Nozomi - Er... well, my Alice friend started out nice and funny, and then showed her true colours later on. o_O;; But I think you'll be more lucky than me. XD Btw, KAWAII NEW LAYOUT!!!! And AOHell ish teh ghei.

Today Ivan was talking to Jason and I about what it's like to cross the border to go to Mexico, and how they'll smash just about anything (even FRUIT! >:O) if you won't pay a fine for it. He also told us that there are crosses lined up near the border from where Mexicans tried to 'escape'. THAT'S FUCKING HILARIOUS. XD I couldn't stop laughing, and I'm laughing now just thinking about it. But but but he's so lucky that he gets to go somewhere out of this country. I WANT TO GO TO JAPAN. ;_; But I don't want to stay with some family I don't even know, cuz most Japanese people are perverts (I hope that didn't sound like a stereotype). God knows what they do when I'm sleeping. O_O;;

ANYWAY, away from teh scurry thoughts now... :3

People keep pressuring me to download RO so I can play with them. Sorry, but it takes too damn long to download those stupid .r00 files. =\ Which adds up to the fact I wasted $10 on nothing. ._. Oh well.

Okay, Chris keeps pulling my chair away from the computer, so I guess I'll go now.

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Good Rae! Don't get sucked into playing that evil game (ie RO)! It's like Evercrack only with cutsey chibi characters. Evil, evil, evil! ^^;
Val // 03/07/03 // 12:43 AM

;_; I missed Amercan Idol yesterday too. Fell asleep.

Raechell // 03/06/03 // 02:05 PM

>:O <3

Coftia // 03/05/03 // 07:55 PM