03/11/2003 Entry: "marriage o_o;;;"

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Marriage seems to be a big topic at our school now, Nozomi. Everyone keeps saying, "If ANY couple is going to grow up and get married, it's Rachel and Ivan!" Or they just say, "Rachel and Ivan are going to have sex." ... Lol. Well, I don't know, but my friend Kevin said that he'd have a problem with my kids if I did have children with Ivan. And it's only because my children would be "cinnamon twists", aka Mexican & Caucasian. And, well, let's just keep it at the fact that Kevin's a little racist.

Leah, this girl in my fourth period, is getting married this summer after she turns 18, and she was asking me about Ivan. She's like, "Do you... care that he's Mexican?" That's a rather stupid question, because if I did care then I wouldn't be going out with him. But I told her no, and she said, "That's good... But what about your parents? What do they think about it?" I told her my mother doesn't mind (my daddy might, but he doesn't know) at all, because she thinks Ivan's a good guy. And after she asked me all these questions, I just kinda blurted out, "Would you ever date a Mexican? Or... someone of a different race?" She kinda just stared at me and then answered, "No, I wouldn't."

I guess I've never been the type to say, "OMG, you're [race here]???!!" I remember when I first met Ivan, I just thought he was some tan kid. I never even assumed he was Mexican.
And when I first 'met' Mrs. Hasnain... I knew she was Indian, Asian, or something... but I really payed no attention to it. (Well, until I started to diss her with my friends... lol.)

I guess it doesn't really matter to me. If you're Asian, you're Asian. If you're African-American, you're African-American. It doesn't matter.

But it is hard being around people who do have a 'problem' with it. Because when people say, "Ewww... you're going out with a MEXICAN?" I don't really know what to say. I usually just end up saying, "So? He's really cool." But, heh... it's all good. Most of the people who meet Ivan end up liking him, so I guess I shouldn't worry. ^_^ YOU PEOPLE ARE JUST JEALOUS BECAUSE HE'S MINE, HAHAHA.......

I'm bored. ._.

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cinnamon twists r good =P =P
nozomi // 03/14/03 // 02:39 PM

shes just jealous! im bored 2 :D

coftia // 03/13/03 // 05:21 PM

w00t to the non-haters~! XD

ashley // 03/13/03 // 01:34 PM

fuuk the haters!

alicia // 03/13/03 // 12:40 AM

... the reason America doesn't like Mexicans is 'cuz we're the second-most minority group now...hehe, and maybe the black ppl think that we're replacing them? ... my cousins in Chicago are weird, in a black way. e.e
They are total African, ew.

( lmao )

Ivan // 03/12/03 // 07:50 PM