03/15/2003 Entry: "no title?"

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Plugs One, two, three, four, five, six, and seven.

Nia, thank you so so so so much for the fansign! It really made my day. I'm not even worrying about Jason and Ivan anymore because Carisa and I have finally reached a solution on what to do. ^_^ Btw, I can't wait for tomorrownight.net's new layout! Hurry & finish it so I can get inspired to make a new domain layout.

Hey, Bera-baby, thank you for the bouncing sheep!!! IT'S SO KYOOTE!! Look at what happened to it tho:

Hehe, oops. ^^; ::Pats the kyoote sheep.:: ........ AHHHHH!! IT'S BOUNCING ON MY DESKTOP!! KAWAII! XD

Mmm... I'm thinking about trying b2. o_O A lot of people like it, and I'm up for something different... Maybe I could just use it as some type of 'updater' for my domain or something of the sort. It'd be easier then having to upload the update HTML file all the damn time. ;>>

I am DYING to see the rest of Fruits Basket! It's such a heartwarming anime... ;_; And it has a very cute and original storyline. I'm also dying to see the rest of Video Girl Ai. The fifth volume ended at somewhat of a climax. -_-; And, like, yeah... I wanna know what happens. And speaking of VGA, I need to finish up my shrine! I hate the layout that I made... and I wanna redo it... but I have design block. This is crazy. I really need to finish this shrine!! Grr!

Does anyone know how to work a stupid AIM clone? I can't get it to work. I'm tired of having to talk to people on AOL and others on AIM. AOL just sucks.

And does anyone else know why R Kelly isn't in jail? Disgusting.

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i watch the sheep jump o_o
coftia // 03/16/03 // 04:34 PM

sheep!! I loves it to death! *glomps sheep* Things should work out for you, i'm hoping they do *glomps Rae-chan*

ashley // 03/16/03 // 12:52 AM

You're very welcome for the sheep. Hope you and Ivan clear things up. **crosses fingers**

Beramode. // 03/15/03 // 07:34 PM