03/16/2003 Entry: "hiatus, bitch"

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Hiatus, bitch! The layout sucked and I'm just way too busy with making skins, reuploading files, etc. to keep up with it right now. x.x But it'll be back soon... once I get into my design mood. I'm hankerin' for a grunge layout.

Oohhh, guess what people?! Jason invited Carisa & I to go to Florida with him and his dad this spring break! My mother said that's fine with her, but Carisa said, "No, I can't go", which is prolly not true, cuz her mother is just about as linient as my mother is. But, whatever... if she can't go, I'm going anyway! Haha. ^^; Well, wait... no... I'm going to ask Ivan about it first. But if he's okay with it, then I'm going to have to buy shorts, capris, sandles/flip flops, and a NEW bathing suit! For some reason the one from last year is too big. o.o But anyway, this'll be so exciting! Anime Nation has a store down there in the Tampa Bay area, so maybe we'll be lucky enough to go there! Waaahhh~ Coolies!

Okay, I must calm down...

I have this huge ass project due Tuesday and I've only finished 1/5 of it. :] I might as well fail all my classes. I'm starting to not care anymore about my grades anyhow. I'll probably grow up being poor anyway. I'll have, like, 95 husbands that all have cheated on me, plus 927097 kids. Sounds EXCITING. I can't wait, haha.

My mother keeps nagging me to go to church with her, because I told her I didn't know Jesus and God were the same person. o.o I've never figured out how going to church was useful when you could easily read the Bible at your own home. It's not like it's hard to understand (at least to me it isn't). Maybe I'm turning atheist? I don't know... I hope not. =\ Maybe I've just been too busy that I've just kinda let my religion slip a little.

Ya know, I think I'm going to work with some type of coding language (I think PHP) that allows smilies to appear when I put certain characters (like the common :) face). I think it'll be fun to try something like that. It'll definatly increase my knowledge of understanding different coding languages.

Do you people save your convo's with other people? o.o I was looking through mine today and I never realized how... 'important' some of these are. I think I'll post a few, hehe.

Break up w/ Jakob. This happened in eighth grade, and I can still remember it clearly. We were going out... he changed... the love faded (supposidly)... and he broke up with me. I remember being depressed for weeks. It was pretty bad. x.x (I'm outcolddreamer, btw.)
My old host, highvim.com. What a weirdo! Lol.
LMAO!! Ivan and I were bored, so he asked me to harrass this chick that he made a layout for. =D (I'm modifiedangel344.)

I have a bunch of other ones, but they're a little too recent and personal to show to the public. Maybe some other day. :]

I think I'm going to upload some of my 'rare' and most prized MP3s so I can let you people download them. I'm obsessed with music and I love recommending songs to people.

I think I'll go do that now!

EDIT @ 6:59 PM Happy Anniversary to Agent-penguin.net, Stevie! :D

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I told her I was joking later on. :D She found it funny.
Raechell // 03/17/03 // 09:16 PM

That was very mean, what you did to that girl.

jess // 03/17/03 // 06:56 PM

Did hear MP3s? XD
I love Fruits Basket <3 Didn't I say it was good? I'm glad you like it! I cried too many times.

Misaki // 03/17/03 // 12:23 AM