04/19/2003 Entry: "new car? I hope"

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Well, my mum's looking at buying a new car. She's picked out three so far: Explorer '01, Grand Am '01, Alero '03. I like all of 'em, but the Explorer is only a 2-door. I don't like that. Too much of a hassle, 'specially since my mother carpools a bunch of my friends. I'm just kinda hoping she'll find another one that's 4-door.

My mum was also looking at a car to buy me, but I didn't like any of them. :D What I want is a Hyundai Tiburon '03. Carisa's mum has one, and Carisa told me it sucks really, really bad. I think she's a liar. xD

Has anyone ever stepped foot in an Expedition? O.O Those things are HUGGGEEE! I believe you could fit a decent sized hot tub in the back! I <333. My mum would never get one, though. "Too big."

Well, enough about cars. I'm gonna plug people and get back to work on my VGA shrine. I skipped Saturday school today so this is my punishment. ;_;

Alicia, Kawaii, Misaki, Nozomi, and Rune.

Edit @ 6:04 PM Okay, so... we bought the Explorer. Lol.

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AH! New layouts! <3 them both! *gives Rae-chan some pocky*

Perks was such a kick ass book. Hmm. Hopefully this comment will go on the entry I actually clicked on *hopes*

Ashley // 05/01/03 // 10:09 PM

Wahahaha! I'm sorry for not asking to affiliate before... XD It's just I got this as a gift from Jess so technically it's not something I bought. But I'm glad you want to affiliate/ or be sister ;_; I'm really grateful actually. So let's be sisters! :D YAY! I guess I should make more buttons? o_o

Yeah! The marks are going up! ^_^ Go go riseeeeeee!!!! NOW!!!!! >D (as if marks ever listen to students ~_~)

Misaki // 04/30/03 // 09:50 PM

that really sucks...:( i hope everything works out.

nice layout though, that's a good book.

steena // 04/30/03 // 07:22 AM

detentions afterschool? yuck...... hope you can get out of that soon and feel like talking again. =) And well,at least you gave a chance for him to talk to you, but he screwed that up. >_( IE is not letting me see wslip.nu again. I'll have to see the new layout at school. Sorry ;_;

Misaki // 04/30/03 // 01:05 AM

ADMINS ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO SCREW YOU OVER! They did to me also, stupid bastards must burn in zhe hell! ughhh~

heh, I wish we had Japanese at our school o.O

nozomi // 04/27/03 // 08:40 PM

um...weird...i thought i posted on the newest entry...O.o

steena // 04/26/03 // 08:13 AM

it really does suck when you can't get the classes you want >.< i went through that last year.

steena // 04/26/03 // 08:12 AM

Yea... they don't seem to get that the classes we pick are icked for specific reasons (usually). Last year the tried to deprive me of my art class by annoucning that the freshmen art class was being cut. They felt the wrath which is me when i'm actually pissed. Needless to say, I hapily go to art 6th period everyday now xD Just smack him with some books and yell at him everyday.. sometimes that works ^^;

You have a a japanese class! *envy* >_> _>


Ashley // 04/24/03 // 02:54 PM

wao~It would depend on the person if its my close friend for 5-6 years, maybe if its someone girl I just met, no. It really depends, your sister may be more comfortable taking a shower with a girl, Im not that comfortable. But I would take a shower with a guy ^^; but really, whats the least to happen with 2 girls..?

nozomi // 04/22/03 // 04:49 PM

I love the new layout, it looks great!

steena // 04/20/03 // 02:12 PM

2 doors XD
Yeah, pretty squishy. But it's a car!!!! :)
Thanks for the pluggie, Rae Rae. <3 Congrats on the car! We've been using ours for hm...... is it more than 9 years now? O_O

Misaki // 04/20/03 // 01:39 AM

Eh.. i'm not big on cars xD Out of those I think the only one that I can call a picture of in my head is the Grand Am. w00t to the suckiness of my car knowledge! xDxD

Ashley // 04/19/03 // 10:40 PM

Ours is maroon. o.x I like it so far, but the 2-door thing is kinda annoying.

Raechell // 04/19/03 // 10:00 PM

my relative has a metalish blue ford explorer thats 2 doored. I love his car and i will love yours!

nozomi // 04/19/03 // 09:15 PM