04/21/2003 Entry: "?? confused"

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Okay, so... I'm a little confused.

My sister's friend, Jessica, came over to spend the night last night. She's bisexual. Not a big thing it seems like everyone is now days. But, to put things bluntly: my sister is not bi. Or so she says.

Caity (my sister): "Mom, can Jessica and I take a shower?"
Mom: "Uhh... duh. It's only right."
Caity: "Okay..."
Mom: "::Hesitates.:: Wait a minute."
Caity: "What?!"
Mom: "Do you mean... together?"
Caity: "Yeah..."
Mom: "NO WAY!"

What the...? I don't get it. x_x Either my sister thinks it'd be 'fun' to shower with another girl, she's turning lesbian, or she just realized she was bi. And she calls me a dyke. Bitch.

But anyway, that's just about the same as me asking my mother Ivan and I can shower together. o_O Just because they're both girls doesn't make any difference. They're not little babies anymore, they're almost full grown women. What a stupid idea. What a stupid question.

(Let me make it clear to you I have nothing against homosexuals or bi's. ^_^ I'm just confused, heh.)

On other words, I added some MP3s~! I think I'm going to add some Lacuna Coil soon. They're pretty good. I really like "Swamped". It has a nice... Indy-like beat to go with the guitars. Speaking of music, has anyone heard of Kelly Clarkson's new song "Miss Independent"? GREAT SONG! It seems she's doing good in her music career. :D

Ah... about... like... 75% done on the VGA tribute. Gah, this is hard work. o_O I haven't made a shrine like this in so, so, so long that I've gotten lazy on trying to finish it.

There was a huge storm last night. I <3 storms... 'specially fierce ones like the one last night. Too bad I was so drugged up on Tylenol PM that when I woke up in the middle of the night I went right back to sleep. All I remember is hugging my huge stuffed dog and a bright flash and a big boom. ::Sigh.:: That sucks I missed it... It seems like everyone else got to see it. We accidently left our dog outside in it, too. ^^; Animal abuse, I know. Lol.

Finally brought my grade up in all of my classes 'cept construction. I have to finish three 'wood blocks' by next Tuesday. I won't be able to do it... I haven't even finished my first project. I hate this class. I miss metals. I miss... book work.

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*sigh* I hope things get better for you. I like the new layout btw. ^_^;; Get on IM! I wanna talk. :DD You're great to talk to. ;D
Kawaii // 04/29/03 // 09:31 PM

ahh! I'm sorry you didn't get the classes you wanted. u_u

"Nooo not HIM" >DD lol sheesh why do all the decent looking ones have to be jerks? O_o;;;

Kawaii // 04/26/03 // 08:39 AM

neh x__X;

I've only heard Kelly Clarkson's new song once! ;-; eehhh *whaps radio stations for not playing it more* >DD

Kawaii // 04/22/03 // 09:09 PM