05/07/2003 Entry: "happy bday, rae!"

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^_^ Hehe, happy bday to me! Thank you very much, Misaki-chan, you're the best! ::Smiles.:: I've already gotten some birthday presents from my family... I'll take pictures later. :D But guess what? No school today because of floods!!

[Edit] Ahhh~! thank you, Carisa!! <333 you, Coftia!! Thank you, Kawaii! And thank you Stevie, Rune, Jess, David, and Karl for wishing me a happy bday!

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I'm sorry it's like 2 whole days after your b'day, but I said Happy B'Day on MSN on ur actuall b'day. My dad had net troubles, so I couldnt get on. Look forward to talkin to ya again! I <33 you!
Karl-chan // 05/09/03 // 05:25 PM


Alicia // 05/07/03 // 08:59 PM


Cathy // 05/07/03 // 08:43 PM

happy b-day! <3 ya!

jess // 05/07/03 // 07:20 PM