05/29/2003 Entry: "new layout, new images"

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New layout, new images. The layout took about 8 hours. Coding... around 4 hours. What a pain in the ass! >_<

New MP3s tomorrow, promise. Be prepared to fall in love with BoA*. =D!

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How did you do the vector for Beramode?
Rikku // 06/01/03 // 12:56 PM

THe url won't work.

Rikku // 06/01/03 // 12:56 PM

*at school right now and hoping the comment will work this time* I never really explored that site and I just happened to drop by to do just that the first time yesterday. *_* Just in time to see the new layout. XD I am mesmerized by it! It looks so nice. The hard work really paid off. It's so techno too. :D BoA! I was downloading a bunch of her songs yesterday too. =P Hope to talk to you soon! ^^

Misaki // 05/30/03 // 11:51 AM

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