06/03/2003 Entry: "summer fun~"

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New layout! ^-^ I wanted something happy. Something summer-y. And since I'm obsessed with shapes, vectors, and whatnot, I had to make a layout. :D

Mmm. No updates really. I went to get my driver's permit last Saturday. I passed the signs test and failed the other one. o_o It was hard! ... But I'm going back this Saturday to retake it. I must studahy~

I saw The Italian Job with Ivan yesterday. It was pretty good, but I wouldn't watch it again. Reminded me of Oceans Eleven, which was a decent movie.

::Ponders.:: Ivan's birthday and my sister's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I don't really know what to get any of them. I guess I could get Caity some Eminem tickets for cheap offa eBay, or I could get her something petty, like a poster, movie, or whatnot. As for Ivan, he's hella hard to shop for. o.O So, I unno 'bout him.

PLUGS~! Synthetic-enmity.net, Cathy, Rune.

[Edit] I fixed the commenting problem! =D

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Yay for fixed commenting! Mwahaha! Fune sprngy-summery layout.. makes mine look like death and doom x3 *points at the Ayumi mp3* I lurv that game. It inspired my love of Ayumi *__* Going to stop babbling now... heh.
Ashley // 06/06/03 // 12:04 AM

Yay! Cute layout raechu~!

Nozomi // 06/05/03 // 11:49 AM

sweet layout! it's so cute and bright :)

steena // 06/05/03 // 11:47 AM

aww it's so cuyte >DD;

Kawaii // 06/05/03 // 09:40 AM

It's summery! :D Bright colours on blogs always light up my day! XD It's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! <3 I love the gorgeous looking sidebar. ^^

Misaki // 06/03/03 // 06:27 PM

o my goodness gurl i love this new layout. Its spunkaay :D. My blog sucks poo... lol good job woo hoos!

Alycia // 06/03/03 // 06:11 PM

Layouts very bright. O_O Nice though. =D

Rune // 06/03/03 // 04:00 PM

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