07/15/2003 Entry: "=^.^="

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So, I got my new computer a few days ago. She's a beaut! Here's her specs 'n' stuff. I had to buy a nasty Proview monitor because my mom's like, "Start off cheap, and you can buy your own monitor!" I also bought the computer a new Logitch keyboard and speakers (with a nice, fat subwoofer). When I save up some money I'm planning on buying a new monitor, another harddrive, and somemore RAM. I may even overclock, lol. Nah. I'm scared I'd screw something up.

Well, I'm finally able to view the Internet world in 1024x768. It's GREAT! 800x600 is so... huge. o_o I'm already wanting to make a new layout, so I may get started on that tomorrow.

Hm. Well, I saw Ivan a few days ago. :D He gave me the gifts he bought my family and I in Mexico. I loovveee the stuff he gave me. I put them in their own little cubby in my new desk. I also gave him his belated birthday presents. He loves the kitten, hehe. So far her name is just... 'Cat'. It's kinda cute tho.

Eww, has anyone ever seen Tub Girl (eww)? That's worse than Goatse. ::Shivers.::

Anywho, here're the plugs: Alicia, Leanne, Misaki.

Oi... I'm tired. And summer doesn't help me stay awake at all. :S

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I got the same computer package as ye :] you got it cheaper, though. D;
Arisu // 07/23/03 // 12:53 PM

aww im so jealous i gotta get a new comp for my room and desk god and that phone i wanted im gunna be so broke! how in the hell were you able to afford that 1,088g's computer?

alicia // 07/21/03 // 07:17 PM

oO; @ Tub Girl oO;

Wow, a new computer ^^; that must be great! xD my computer is screwed up bad.

Koutaru // 07/20/03 // 02:02 AM

*looks at "Tub Girl"* That CAN'T be real!

Val // 07/16/03 // 03:00 AM

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