07/26/2003 Entry: "err"

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Just going to plug the new and revamped Hyung-Tae Kim site! Took forever! Argghh. And for some reason there's an interruption in our cable connection, so I had to upload everything through the File Manager. ._. What a pain.

OH OH OH! I won the Oxide: War of Genesis III artbook! WAHHH~ HYUNG-TAE KIM IS AMAZING! *Bows to him* Here's the image that I'm going to use for my upcoming domain layout (I hate the one that's up now). Isn't Viola SO cute? T-T Bitch.

ANYWHO :D I hate my scanner. I wanna scan all of these pics for my HTK site, but my scanner sucks and scanning sucks. I dunno what I'm gonna do... Maybe buy a new scanner... bleh. >.>

Happy belated bday to you and you. You have fun going to FL, and welcome back to you.

Plugs to you and you.

And a big sorry to you and you for getting off AIM when we finally got to talk. I hate my connection, but it'll be fixed Tuesday, promise!

And, last but not least, I miss talking to everyone, especially you and you and you. It's been too long. ;_;

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lorve it!
coftia // 07/31/03 // 04:07 PM

wow raechu! your hyung tae kim site looks so pretty! I like the colors and the way you edited your images. pretttyy.

Also nice new layout for your weblog, I never see brown layouts..

Nozomi // 07/30/03 // 05:49 PM

Yeah! I missed talking to you too! ARGH! I still have yet to translate your HTK site. Maybe I can get to it this week. I am always just relaxing and lounging around. XD It seems like you've been busy on MSN. ^ ^ *stares at all those MSN names that keep popping up* o_o

I'll be waiting for that domain layout of yours! ~ <3 Lovely layout you've got on that HTK site. o_o Even though I've never played it, I can understand why all these people are flocking over there. XD It looks beautiful!

Misaki // 07/28/03 // 02:59 PM

The Hyung-Tae Kim site looks so pretty ^_^ that image is so sexy <.< hehe.

Arisu // 07/27/03 // 06:40 PM

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