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Edit New layout!
Edit 2 OH GOODNESS! >_< Link exchange with the sweetie Azumi and a BIG BIG BIG plug to my baby Stevie at his new domain, asloversgo.org! Sorry about the late plug. *Bonks self*

The first day of school wasn't bad at all. ^^ I'll go by each period.

First period, Japanese I, was good. I have a good amount of friends in there... Jake A., Nathan, Kimber... And I have my Ivan! :D And, unlike what I predicted, Kimber didn't hog Ivan like I thought she would. (I hope I don't sound like some jealous girlfriend... It's not that I was/would be jealous, it's just I finally get to have a class with Ivan, ya?) The class percentage is REALLY small. There's about ten people in there, I believe. And, it's rather funny, but the teacher doesn't even know Japanese. He's actually a band director... I remember him from when I was in band in middle school. So, instead of him teaching us, we learn by TV and, I think, over phone by some woman in Atlanta (I didn't really pay attention since Ivan's sitting right in front of me =P). It sounds rather interesting, but it kinda makes me think I won't learn a lot. And I've always wanted to learn Japanese... It'd be really efficient, because I'd LOVE to do fansubbing! I praise people who do fansubbing, it's so generous. And, if I did fansubbing, I'd get to see many, many animes I never thought I'd like. So I hope all goes well.

Now, second period, Art I, I thought Miss Morgan was going to hiss and throw crosses at me when I walked in her room. But, she didn't. It seems like she turned over a new leaf, and I like her a lot. She's very moral, she's very confident, SHE'S BEEN TO JAPAN, and she seems like a pretty good teacher. I also like her because she's very honest about who she is and what her life is like. The only thing I didn't like was when she told us she lived Chattanooga and she "sees everything we do". Erm, well, okay... I guess. But I stay inside all day so I guess it doesn't really matter. =P
As for the people in there, I really only have one 'friend', even though he's more of an aquaintance. It's Brandon, the human prodigy. I'm pretty sure I can use his help when we start to do worksheets. ^^;; Anywho, everyone else in there is either bitchy, seniors/juniors who don't like to associate with sophmores, or freshman who don't wanna be there.
I'd have to say the best thing Miss Morgan told us was that we could take a trip with her to Europe for 21 days --- and it'll only cost $1, 200. That's a REALLY good price! It pays for everything besides food and souvenirs. I really wanna go... my mom gave me a "maybe" face when I told her about it. But... I'd prolly end up going without anyone I knew. x_x There's no fun in that, really. SO MAYBE I CAN BADGER IVAN TO GO. *Giggles*

Erm... yeah...

Third period, Geometry... just... I don't know. >_< I was the last person to come into the class because I had to use the bathroom (wow, go me), and when I walked in it was like BAM! Full! 'Preps' in the middle of the class, 'non-preps' (aka my 'good' friends) at the end of the room, and the 'late people' near the door. So guess where I got to sit? -_- Yes, I got stuck sitting next to Elliot and his friend, who kept asking, "So, how are you? Like your summer? Guess what I did! ..." Blah blah. But, they weren't that bad. When class started they started saying funny things to Markale (sp?) and I got a good laugh at it. And, from across the room, Jake A. was pointing and laughing at me because of my stupid desk. I got a desk with the back of the seat bent ALL the way back. If I leaned back on it, I could be laying down.
But thank God lunch is during that class. I also have lunch with Ivan and a decent amount of friends, so weee. =D But then I have to go back to geometry... But Jake A. and whoever else said they'd save me a desk next time. So woop.

Annnddd finally, fourth period! ... Civics & Economics... with... Coach Burch... Wow. When he saw me sitting in one of his desks, he gave me this 'OMG YOU AGAIN?' smile and said, "Rachel... Wow, Rachel, Rachel..." ... Coach Burch, I am just as unhappy as you are. And, to boot Coach Burch, I have JUSTIN with me. *Evil laugh* And if you move me away from Justin I'll just move next to Chris St Clair. *Another evil laugh* HAHAHAHAA. I pwn u!!!111!

Welp, then the day ended and Ivan came over. And from talking to much I'm losing my voice, my whole body is sore, and my eyes will barely stay open because I accidently slept in my contacts. -_- I just hope I feel better after a shower.

Okay~ well, that was a lot of typing. Now on to the plugs and stuff~!

Alicia, Ashley, Aya-chan, Jess, Jennifer, Joey, Kawaii, Rikku, Rune <3, and Yumi.

I really want to comment on Rikku for a minute. Your layouts have increased to majorly beautiful and original heights. I'm very, very proud of you, even if you didn't win sumeragi.nu. *Hugs*

As for my wonderful friend Coftia, I hope your trip to California is WONDERFUL! I love California... I'd like to go back again. I will miss you, too. (Btw, your 'gone to California' picture on your blog is beautiful. o.o)

And Misaki, I'm glad you didn't lose any of your files... Maybe your dad will losen up, huh? Everyone still loves you and I will miss talking to you.

And, of course, I have to give a huge huge huge plug to...


I think this thing will be become a big success. Or so I hope.

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thanks for the plug!
donna // 08/23/03 // 07:37 PM

^.^ this layout is so pretty! you've always made pretty layouts so keep it up!

Rikku // 08/17/03 // 10:28 AM

eeek geometry can do it dont wanna try to take a class for it... geometry blows.

alicia // 08/17/03 // 03:27 AM

<3 the new layout! :DD

jenn // 08/13/03 // 01:43 PM

I really like the new layout, its easily the best yet! Good luck with school and with everything you do.

David // 08/13/03 // 08:56 AM

What a wonderful first school day! Maybe it'll be a good year this year ^ ^ The Europe trip sound nice, so you better convince Ivan. =P Did sleeping with your contacts hurt a lot? Mine are the opposite. I sleep with them and if I wear them in the daytime they hurt a lot. Hard lenses. @_@ urk...

Misaki // 08/12/03 // 12:14 PM

you spelt my link wrong XD that second S is a bitch to remember XD

stephen // 08/11/03 // 11:38 PM

Hey! Wassup Rae?? I hope you are enjoying high school....mine's gotten off slightly rough, but I think I'll survive. Anyways, your relationship with Ivan is so sweet. I wish I was in that kind of relationship, but knowing me, I always mess things up ^_^; anyways, spiffy new layout! mmwuahahaa......ha

Azumi // 08/11/03 // 05:47 PM

all that rambling and I forgot to say lurv the blueness. I is teh baka XD

ash // 08/10/03 // 10:41 PM

wee! plug! <3! Glad your first school day was great. You art teacher sounds cool, and the clas itself reminds me of my class last year. I was the ickle freshman in a mostly junior senior populated class, but it should be great further in the year. I made some really good friends in there ^__^ And geometry is evil. EEVIL. Though algebra II might kill me X_X

ash // 08/10/03 // 10:40 PM

i love the new layout rae, its excellent, and good lunk in school :D ASLOVERSGO.ORG go here XD

stephen // 08/10/03 // 06:06 PM

thanks for the plug! i love weapon.ws! teehee and good luck in japanese class! and good luck in school!

Rikku // 08/09/03 // 05:04 PM

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