09/05/2003 Entry: "sad"

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I've been getting on AIM lately to talk to people... but every minute AIM has to reconnect. I even try IMing people, yet they never reply. So I'm guessing they're not getting my messeges. ;_; Doesn't anyone see me get on? *Sad* I'll do plugs and stuff later after I figure out what's going on.
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hey cool, when i'm not busy (like on the weekends) maybe we can talk on AIM somtime! heyyy...i know I'll add you to my list as soon as possible (using library computer xD)
Azumi // 09/08/03 // 07:26 PM

i saw u get on :D u imed me and i imed u bak o_o then u went *poof*

coftia // 09/06/03 // 05:29 PM

no, we cant.

stephen // 09/05/03 // 07:47 PM

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