10/09/2003 Entry: "school, argh"

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I'm doing horrible in school. What about everyone else?

Yesterday and today were both midterm exam/test days for [almost] all classes. I took my geometry and art test yesterday... and failed both. ._. 51 for art and 58 for geometry. When I took the geometry test I was CERTAIN I knew what I was doing, but obviously not. I hate math, I really do. I never knew I could suck this much. As for the grade for art, I guess it doesn't really matter. I can bring up my grade in there in a heart beat.

Today I took the test for economics... and I don't think I did that good. Yeah, I studied A LOT, but there were a few I had to guess on. I just hope I pass that class with AT LEAST a C! Oh please, please, please.

M'kay, well... that's really all I wanted to blog about. x.o But I would like to know how everyone else is doing... since I don't get on AIM much. Anyone making grades worse than me? Anyone hate math? Haha. Oh well. I'm going to try my best starting Tuesday (we get tomorrow and Monday off, yay!). I just hope I'm not too late.

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Mwweeps!~ I got a lecture from my mom about my grades =_=;; I hate geometry too. I hate doing proofs and dumbass angles. Can't wait until Algebra 2!~ Good luck in school!~
Subaru // 10/17/03 // 09:52 PM

Hey Rae... how things goin? Lovin the new domain layout, Im not evn creative anymore cant think up any good layouts anymore :)

Alicia // 10/13/03 // 07:05 PM

Ugh I hate math too! Down with math! ARgghhh! I have Trig too x_X;;

I'm doing ok in school...rather only two classes are pecking at me. US history (because the teacher CANNOT teach at all) and chemistry (the teacher is evil) lol! yes it's all because of the teachers, they are corrupting today's schools! Waaahh!!

<---ate too much pocky

Eeeks! that sucks about the geometry and art test. x_X;;
I'm still waiting to see the results on my chemistry test. I'm nervous! Aahhh!!!

Azumi // 10/12/03 // 09:43 PM

You need to try harder....FROM THE BEGINNING......you make me feel bad.....dont' fail......you fail you'll regret it and it will suck going though Civics again......just imagine....you getting a harder teacher.......harder than Couch Burch........and being in there with a bunch of sophmores...... damn that has got to suck.......... etto....Gamebate!

The guy from Art Class // 10/11/03 // 10:16 PM

lalala, straight A's !!!

stephen // 10/09/03 // 10:49 PM

I'm doing horribly in AP Psychology, Anatomy and Trig. I mean, I study hard, and I don't get the satisfying grade I want! How gay is that? -.-; I feel your pain, hun.

Nia // 10/09/03 // 10:18 PM

i'm not doing horrible in school, but im getting SWAMPED in homework/quizzes/tests/projects! *runs around* it's insane i tell you >>"

yumi // 10/09/03 // 09:22 PM

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