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Saturday, February 14th


music: Fefe Dobson - Everything
mood: Bleh

Happy Valentine's day, everyone.

A while ago (I forgot to mention) that I was testing the Lineage 2 Tai beta. It's a really, really nice game. I have some screen shots here, if you wanna see how everything looks.

Street Figher Issue #5 has just been released... I need to buy it, cuz it has some artwork from Hyung-tae Kim. *praises*

Anyway, I'm waiting on Ivan to get here... so I'm going to go finish cleaning my room. cool eh?
Raechell on 02.14.04 @ 01:16 PM EST [link]5 flew

Tuesday, February 10th

still alive

music: 331 - Love Song
mood: Tired

Can anyone say homework ( rolls eyes ) and my friend's in the hospital because her kidney failed?
Raechell on 02.10.04 @ 05:29 PM EST [link]2 flew

Sunday, February 1st


music: Akia - Pink Panties
mood: Happy

Lol. Oops.

I'll blog later. I got sucked into NWN and now I need to clean the house for my mommy. wink

Like the layout none the less? I hope! hehe
Raechell on 02.01.04 @ 09:50 PM EST [link]7 flew

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