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This award is for the amount of pictures on your site. The more you have, the bigger chance you'll get this award!

This award's for the cutest site of them all! It's usually based on the pictures, but the layout has a big effect also.

This is for the site with dark layouts, or just gives a very scary feeling. Simple enough, ne?

This one's kinda hard to explain. You know what happens in animes to make people make faces like that? Well, that's kinda what I want to see in those sites. And I really don't know what to call it...

You just have to love anime! And your site's about anime, or one type of it. ^-^

Just another cute site award. But isn't Chii kawaii?! ::starry eyed::

This one's from Angelic Layer by CLAMP! You can't apply for this award, but when anyone apply's for an award, I decide if they fit in this catagory, which is a secret. ^-^`` If they do, they get this award and the one they applied for!

This is from Angelic Layer too! Basically, this is for those light, happy layouts...dedicated to...well...angelic things. Hmm...