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What is CardCaptor Sakura?

Cardcaptors is about a 10-year-old girl named Sakura capturing Clow cards. Sakura was just a normal girl living a normal life. One night, she had a dream of a weird looking doll (Keroberos) that looks like a lion, bear, and a dragonfly. There was a book that has a weird picture on it, and tarot cards floating arount it. The next day, she went home from school when her dad and her brother isn't home yet. At first, she thought she heard something coming from the library, but decided to ignore it. When she was in the kitchen making a sandwich, she heard it again. This time, she slowly went in, thinking that it was a robber. When she got in, she saw the Clow book, glowing. She decided to investigate. She took it off, and was surprised that it was the same book in her dream. She opened it, as was again surprised that those were the tarot cards she has seen. She took the first one off of the stack and read the name out loud. "The Windy." All of a sudden, the card began to glow and blew all the other cards in a spiral out into the world. At that time, the inside cover of the book began to glow and the weird bear-like thing (Keroberos) came out of the cover. Kero explained that he was the guardian beast of the seal and fell asleep while guarding the Clow cards. Remembering them, he noticed that they're all gone and started to go crazy. Sakura, still dumbfounded, gave him the remaining card, Windy. Kero, seeing that there is still one card left, calmed down a little. In order to get the cards back, he told Sakura that she would have to capture them and made a contract with her to make her a cardcaptor.

The Manga

The manga is exactly the same as the anime, but has less cards than them. ¡¡