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What is Chobits?

Chobits is about this boy named Hideki finding a persocon in a dumpster. All it can say is "chii" because he lost her OS (memory chip), so he named it "Chii". No one could find out who made Chii and she kept crashing every computor that tries. With the help of a 12 year old persocon expert, Kokubuji Minoru, (and after crashing 4 of his persocons,) they found out that Chii's OS was accidently erased and that she can learn at an alarming rate. Chii was also (supposedly) custom built. A few days later, Minoru asked to speak to Hideki, and when they met, Minoru showed Hideki a picture he got on a persocon bbs. It showed a persocon that looked strangely like Chii. On it's leg was printed "Chobit" and on her arm was "01". Minoru explained about people making persocons that can think for itself. A persocon that can love. A chobit. ¡¡