Hi, Hello, Howdy!
Welcome to! My name is Rachel Steele and I will be your Webhostess throughout this site. I'm also the creator of all the gallery pieces (unless stated otherwise), all the content, and my freelance Web and graphic design business, whisperSlip Designs.

whisperSlip Designs is located in Atlanta, GA, at my home office. Currently I am only doing telecommute jobs.

A Little 411 On the Domain and Myself
In 2000, when I was around thirteen years old, I started fiddling around with computer graphics and HTML. Since then, I have learned about Web standards, cross-browser support, how to code neatly and effectively, and Web site validation.

This domain,, was purchased in 2003. It originally started out as a mini-portfolio, with a more personal portfolio attached. It wasn't until 2007 that I decided to start up my own freelance Web and graphic design business, so I figured it would be best to use what I already had.

I am currently a student at the Art Institute of Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm earning my Associate's degree in graphic design and plan to graduate in 2010. There are many job options available to me outside of the computer, but I perfer to stick with what I know and love.

My tools of the trade include:
My Web design experiences include:
The Ends Doesn't Have To Justify the Means
Here at whisperSlip Designs, my number one and main goal is to create the Web site/graphic(s) that you, the client, want me to create. I want this process to be simple, clean, and easy for you, so that I'm the one doing most of the work -- as I should be.

This is not my only goal, of course! I also want to offer you low cost Web site/graphic(s) that look beyond professional. I understand how important it is to display what the company is about on the outside so that they may easily draw consumers to the inside.

Customer service is another goal of mine, and an important one at that. I've had my share of rude and unorganized customer service, which never led to what was important: my satisfaction. I'm very compassionate when it comes to helping people, so you will never be critisized, ignored, or left feeling stumped. This is my promise and guarantee.
What I Have To Offer You
Have I caught your interest thus far? I hope so! Here is where you'll most likely find the question you've been asking since you've stumbled upon this site: what kind of services do you provide?

Web Site Design (HTML, CSS)
I know how to create cross-browser supported Web sites and validated markup. For your design, I will create a layout that will match your organization's identity or personal tastes.
Template Design
If you'd like to code your own Web site but don't have the means to create the graphics, I will gladly be of assistance.
Identity & Print (Logos)
Your logo creates an impression of your company/product to the public. I will be sure to make your impression a great one.
Content Management (Forums, Blogs)
If you're eager to setup a PHP based blog or forum, look no further. I will gladly install whatever you desire on your Web site and customize it by your request.
Print & Web Site Design Eyecandy
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