hide & seek
Title- whisperSlip.nu
URL- whisperSlip.nu
Opened- January 02, 2003
Type- Domain, collective
Current layout- V4 - Heart Shadow
Past Layout
Credits- John Shumate
Information- Being a reincarnation of Di-lemma.net, whisperSlip.nu is a domain that I plan to start fresh with. With Di-lemma.net, I wasn't very organized by not keeping track of my layouts and remembering who to credit for certain things. So, I registered whisperSlip.nu with Nunames.nu and got a new host, Surpasshosting.com!

The title 'whisperSlip' originated when I was thinking up a new screen name for AIM. It being unique, I decided to use it for forums, too. Then, being bored one day, I said to myself, "I'm getting rid of Di-lemma.net and getting a new domain! It's going to be whisperSlip.nu!" And, well, I got it.

The 'motto', "I want to hear your voice outloud", will be on all of whisperSlip.nu's layouts. I decided on this motto because I really like the song that it's from (The Used - "On My Own") and it relates to whispers. Why whisper when it'll just slip sooner or later?