Animes Serial Experiments Lain, Akira, I"s, Video Girl Ai
Video Games Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts
Animals Cats
Colours Blue and black
Subjects Science and Language
Stores Pac Sun, GFLA, Delias, Weathervane, Graffiti Online, ThinkGeek
Music Genres Electronica, Metal, Rock, Rap, R&B;, Hip-Hop, Gayo (K-Pop), Pop
Bands/Artists TATU, Linkin Park, DJ Micro, Bjork, The Used
Type Of Guy Mysterious, Funny, Unself-conscious, Decent looking, Devoted and watches what he says as to not to make her mad/insulted/etc.
Foods Thai, Japanese, Chinese
Type Hewlett-Packard Pavilion
Processor Intel Pentium III
MHz 857
Main Programs Used Adobe Photoshop, CuteFTP, Kazaa, Winamp, AOL, AIM, MSNM
Mother Raechell's mother's real name is Patricia. Patricia and Raechell don't really talk a lot like they used to, mainly because Raechell feels her mother doesn't care. Overall, though, Patricia is overly nice, and spoils her younger daughter, Caity.
Caity Caity is Raechell's only sister. She gets along fine with Raechell, even though they both share different opinions on just about everything.
Father Raechell's father's real name is Michael. Since Raechell's parents are divorced, she sees her father every third weekend. She used to fight a lot with him, but their relationship has cooled down, and now they can actually have a decent conversation.
Stepmother Raechell's stepmother's real name is Marcia. Raechell used to hate her when she was younger, only because Marcia was totally different in everything she did. But now she understands Marcia more, and can now have conversations with her, and has learned to do things the right way.
shout outs
Online Coftia, Misaki, Nia, Sky, Jess, Jacob, Chris, Nozomi, Aya, Rikku, Stevie, Hay, Lan, Valie, Bera, Cathy, Yuffie, Ashley, Alicia, Allie
Offline Ivan, Carisa, Jason, Kevin, Greg, Jacob B., Jake A., Brent, Kimber, Sandra, Eric, Eliza, Carlin, James, Craig, Steven P., Stephen H., Nathan, Erbie, Eden, Jonathan, Anthony, Justin, Jason S., Kelly, Alicia, Cara, John H., Payton, Schyler, Evette, Philip, Mike S., Saddie, Sammie, Michael D.