Name Rachel Steele
Alias Raechell, Rae, Aeruu
DOB May 7, 1988
Sex Female
Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Freshman; 9th grade
Marital Status Taken, ho's
Religion Christian
Location Georgia
Eye Colour Hazel green
Hair Colour Sandy-brown with bloude highlights
Skin Colour Pale
Weight Around 125
Height 5'3"
Blood Type A+
Open, Loves to laugh, Can't hold a decent conversation, Semi-sarcastic, Naive about 'irl' things, Slow, Semi-moral, Paranoid, Nice, Semi-touchy by friends, Unself-conscious
- She bites her fingers to the extent to where they almost bleed
- She likes to chew plastic
- She puts ice in her milk
- She cannot stand to wear two different socks
likes & dislikes
Likes Anime, Video games, WoG III, Web design, Cliques, Reading, Drawing, Writing, Dancing, Music, Riding in cars, Fake rings, Computers, Popping fingers, neck, back, etc.
Dislikes, Stereotypes, Racism, Prima donna's, Narcissism, Typos, 'Crap music', Unwashed hair, Laggish computers, Headaches
Dark name Profound Hunter
Cebo name Introverted Doctor
Chinese Zodiac Dragon
Sign Taurus
Person Dreamer
Aura Blue
True Colour Green
Flavour Peppermint
Deadly sin Pride
Super power Animal Communicator
Naughty or nice? Nice
Lain character Lain
FF villian Seifer
FF girl Tifa Lockhart
FF IX character Freya Cresent
FF VIII Quistis Trepe