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>>.Chapter 1

(*) The mysterious educand...

"C'mon Jin. Let's hide over here."

"What's going on, Nimsi?"

"There she is! Get her!"

"Give us your light, little one."

"Leave Jin out of this."

"No, Nimsi! Don't give them your light! You're the only one.."

"I can't let you die, Jin.."

"Why did you do that, Nimsi?"

"I am not crying of kindness. I'm crying of the love for you."


Nimsi's eyes flew open with shock and terror. She sat up and covered her wet forehead with her trembling hand.

"That dream again.." She whispered to herself.

Pushing the covers off of her, she stepped out of her bed and crept down the stairs to her tiny kitchen that was lit by a candle. Its floors creaked as she walked to the fridge and pulled out a glass of milk that was left over from dinner.

She sat down at the small table that was slightly bending over because of its age. Ignoring this, Nimsi took a slow sip of the milk, pondering about her dream that had came for the tenth time. This dream always had the boy, the girl, and the men. And all she would see when the dream came was blurs of figures. Maybe it was a prophecy? A message? All she knew was that it seemed familiar. The voices, the setting, the figures. All were so deep in her mind that she felt she knew it had happened.

After finishing the glass of milk, Nimsi lay her head down on the tilting table. Her eyes shut softly as she feel in a deep sleep, not knowing how the dream was so real.

-| (*) |-

That day at school Nimsi met up with Kaki and Kinichi. They were her partners that came with her to earth to finish out their master's plan.

"Nimsi, have you found any suspects that might be hiding the Dragonballs?" Kaki asked. Kaki was a pretty girl with short hair that was black and spiky at the ends. Her eyes were blue, which was rare because most Saiya-jin's eyes are black.

"Nothing yet. Kinichi?" Nimsi said, looking over to Kinichi.

Kinichi also was a pretty girl. Prettier than Kaki and maybe even Nimsi. Her hair was a dark brown, which made her green eyes glow and seem radiant like a sun glowing on a warm summer day. She was a clone of Nimsi, but Nimsi's hair was an auburn color.

Kinichi shook her head solemnly. "Not a thing. But I do know that a new student is coming today, and he could be an enemy."

A large sweat drop appeared over Kaki and Nimsi's head.

"Right, Kinichi. Right.." Kaki cooed.

"Are you trying to tell me that my intellect makes you envy me? Huh?" Kinichi taunted, bending over and pointing her finger at Kaki.

"How dare you! Why would I envy you?" Kaki commanded, balling her hand into a fist.

"Oh...Gonna hit me, are you? You know you can't do crap."

"Oh, yeah!" Kaki slung her fist hard against Kinichi's face, but no damage was done.

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"Pitiful, Kaki. It's just proving that I'm stronger than you." She pushed Kaki's fist away and laughed loudly.

Kaki's face instantly went red. "Why I outta'!"

"Kaki! Stop it now. We're at school. You and Kinichi can finish later. That is, after school," Nimsi said, giving Kaki a hard look.

"Well, not for me!" She rapidly started to charge up, the ends of her hair flashing gold."

"KAKI! Stop it!" Nimsi gave her a hard punch on the back that knocked her to the floor. "Let's go now. We don't wanna' be late," Nimsi said, walking off and leaving Kaki panting on the floor and Kinichi staring at her.

-| (*) |-

"Class. May I have your attention please?" Mrs. Tsuko called over the loud noise of talking. "CLASS! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!"

Everyone turned their heads and shut their mouths. Except for Nimsi, who look down at her desk and never had her mouth opened in the first place.

"We have a new student that is joining us today." She motioned for someone at the door to come in. "His name is Jin."

Jin! Nimsi thought, instantly looking up.

Jin silently closed the door and walked to where Mrs. Tsuko stood. His muscular body was surrounded in a purple aura, and his face was a smooth light tan. He had two large bangs that matched his blonde hair. He already had on his school uniform, and it matched his icy blue eyes.

"Umm..Jin, please sit by Nimsi." And she pointed her finger straight at her.

Nimsi felt her face turn hot as Jin replied in a smooth, low voice: "Yes, ma'am."

He walked up the stairway to his seat and sat down next to her.

Her eyes rested on him, remembering a Jin from her dream.

"C'mon Jin. Let's hide over here."

"Leave Jin out of this."

"I can't let you die, Jin..."

Could he really be the Jin from her dreams? Was her dream really a vision? If he was, then she remembered him from somewhere, but couldn't put her finger on it.

She glanced over at him at the corner of her eye. He was looking at her.

I wonder what he's lookin' at, she thought. Hm..But he's so beautiful.

Nimsi sat up straight and looked to Mrs. Tsuko writing on the board. What was she thinking? She barely knew they guy, and she was thinking about how beautiful he was!

"Something wrong?" Jin' voice asked.

She looked over at him and replied, "No, why?"

"Well, you suddenly seemed surprised."

"Well, I'm not."

"All right." He looked away from her.

She squinted her eyes and said to herself: There is something defiantly strange about this boy.




Chapter 2