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>>.Chapter 10

(*) Crap for sale!...

That morning Nimsi could smell the bacon and eggs sizzling on a plate that rested beside her bed.

After gobbling it down, she started up her bath water. Before she had stripped off her clothes, someone knocked loudly on her door.

God, who could that be?

Opening up the door, she could smell something terrible.

"Oh, damn!" She said, fanning the air.

"Crap for sale!" Yelled a girl's low pitched voice, with a squint.

Looking down, Nimsi saw a little girl with dirt smudged on her face, and her big blue eyes were faded. Her clothes were dirty and ragged, so she must've not had a house to live in. Unless she would call a box one. Though, the worst thing of all was that in her hand she held a bucket of crap.

"Ugh! What is your problem, kid?" Nimsi asked. She pinched her nose closed with her fingers.

"Crap for sale!"


"Get out of here."

Pulling back her leg, she flung it forward and kicked the girl straight through Jin' door.

"What the?!" Jin said, rising from his bad.

"Crap for sale!" Yelled the ugly hobo from the floor.

A large sweatdrop fell down his head. He got out of the bed and picked up the hobo.

"Crap for sale!" She cried again.

"Damn! What is that smell?" He asked, setting her outside his door.

"Crap! Crap!"


"For sale! Or give!"

"Man. A hole through my door and everything. Now I'll have to share a room with someone."

"Crap for sale! Buy or give!"

He stepped over the hobo and looked at Nimsi who stood at her doorway.

"You don't mind if-"

"Get your stuff and come in."


Jin gathered all of his belongings and helped Nimsi lay out another bed for himself. There were a few grunts here and there, but everything was perfect. Except for the fact that he had a mattress with loose springs.

Nimsi started up a brew of tea and now served it to them with two large mugs. She knew it was rather odd for a female and a male to be sharing a room together, but some things like that just happen.

Setting her mug down, she looked at Jin timidly before she started her small speech.

"I have a short speech to tell you."

"All right." He gave her an odd look, but then molded it into a grin.

"I get up, serve breakfast; cold or hot, do whatever till lunch. Serve; cold or hot, do whatever till dinner. Serve; cold or hot, take a shower, do whatever till I decide to go to sleep. You may have snacks and must clean up after yourself. If you get in my, I will kick you out."

She took a short sip of her drink, but kept her eyes on him.

"Well, uh..okay. But you don't mind if we take a shower together, do ya'?"

"Get out."

"No, no!- It's called a joke!"


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"Lighten.." his voice trailed off flatly. "..Up."

Grabbing up his mug, he walked out of the kitchen and into their bedrooms. He sat down on Nimsi's bed a flipped on the television.

Nimsi quietly put up the tea box and sat down next to him (keeping her distance) and watched along with him.




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