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(*) Trunks...

"I can't believe that no enemies have shown up. Don't you agree, Nimsi?" Kinichi asked, peering at Nimsi with mysterious eyes.

"I guess so."

"What's your problem, girl? You're different somehow."

"Well, I wanted to talk to you and Kaki about something. But Kaki doesn't seem to want to come."

"Well, uh..we had a little fight yesterday." Kinichi smiled nervously.

"Is that all you guys do?"


A large bang sounded at the doorway. Kinichi and Nimsi look to see Kaki with a red face, and she was panting rapidly.

"Guys, I just heard on the radio that a couple of androids are attacking a city not far from here. All I know is that the city is on an island!"

Kinichi jumped up. "That's Kodama Village!"

Nimsi stood up. "There's no time. Let's go."

-| (*) |-

Nimsi and the others appeared at the Village right after Jin. He was searching vigorously for the androids.

"Anything found, Jin?" Kaki asked.

She flew down to him with Nimsi and Kinichi leading behind.

"No. But I did find that young man." He pointed down to a man who stood solemnly.

"I can feel his powerlevel. It's strong, but not strong enough for us," Nimsi said.

"Let's go down and meet him," Kaki suggested.

Nimsi looked over at her. She could see that Kaki's eyes were locked onto the boy passionately. Her eyes shook a little, and her face was a light pink.

She' love.

"All right. Let's go." Nimsi looked away from her and flew down to him. Kaki and the others followed.

The young man looked at them strangely as they landed on the trashy ground.

"Who are you?" Asked Nimsi.

"I'm Trunks. And who might you be?" He asked in a raspy teenager voice.

"I'm Nimsi. My friends and I came here because we heard about some androids." She looked at him carefully. He sure didn't look like an androids with his lavender hair and blue eyes, but you had to be suspicious. "But they seem to not be around. Unless..." She stood in her fighting pose,"you're one of them."

"Actually, I just destroyed the androids, along with Cell."

"Cell?" She stood back up. "Who's this 'Cell?'"

"Well, you don't have to worry. He's not important now."

"Are you a Saiya-jin?" She cocked her head to the side.

"Why yes, I am. Why do you ask?"

"Because I happen to one also."

Trunks' eyes seemed to bug out, and a few sweatdrops formed on his face. "A..Saiya-jin?" But the only Saiya-jin alive is me. And I'm only half."

"Well, supposedly not."

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"Are there more Saiya-jins?"

"Well, Kinichi and myself are half Saiya-jin and half Majin. Kaki and Jin, though, are full blooded."


"It's a rare race. I won't get into details."

"Who is the full Saiya-jin. Where is he?"

Jin stepped up beside Nimsi. "I'm Jin, the full blooded Saiya-jin."

"Wow. A full blooded Saiya-jin like my father! Were you sent from Planet Vegeta also?"

"No. I received my power from Nimsi."

"Then, Nimsi. Were you from Vegeta?"

"Yes, I was."

"Where's the other Saiya-jin?"

"Here," Kaki said, not stepping out from behind Nimsi and Jin.

"Man, a girl Saiya-jin! Very rare sight. Come out."

Kaki stepped out from behind Nimsi and Jin. She looked at Trunks with her large blue eyes shaking, and her face pink.

"Hi. I'm Trunks." He held out his hand like she was an important person.

She looked at his tan face as they shook hands.

Nimsi and Jin exchanged glances, and moved farther away from each other.

Kaki dropped her hand back to her side, but kept staring at Trunks.

"Well, Trunks. Why don't you come to my dormitory so we can learn a little bit about yourself?" Nimsi asked.

"Oh, well thanks. But you can come into my house instead. It's uh..not that tidy, but it's good enough for me and my Mom."

Nimsi looked over at Kinichi who shrugged, then at Kaki who still had her eyes on Trunks.

She looked back at him and replied, "Might as well."

"Cool. Follow me." He turned around and flew into the air and down into a large building with a yellow roof that had 'Capsule Corp.' written near the bottom.

Everyone looked toward Nimsi to see if she trusted him or not.

Nimsi nodded to them, and flew down into the hole after Trunks. She landed on the ground with the others behind her.

"Here. Have a seat," he said, laying down a fifth chair.

Nimsi and the others sat down with Trunks on the shabby chairs. The chairs seemed to match the house- dirty.

"All right. How about I tell you about myself? Do any of you know Gokou?"


"Okay, well.." Trunks then started into this long story about how the androids were attacking the cities, so he went into the past to warn everyone who had already died in his timeline. He got to meet his already-passed-away father, and young mother. He trained in a room called 'The Room of Spirit and Time,' and fought against the menacing android, Cell, who absorbed androids eighteen and seventeen.

"Wow! You really did all of that?" Kaki asked with astonishment.

"Yeah. It was very rough on my mother and I."

"That's terrible. But at least it ended happy!" Kinichi added.

"That was a great story, but I think we need to get going," Nimsi said, standing up from the hard chair.

"Nimsi, look! Is that a karaoke box?" Kinichi yelled.


Nimsi watched Kinichi run over to the karaoke box and pick up a microphone.

"Wow! Neato! Trunks, do you mind if Nimsi sings a couple of songs? Or maybe one?"

"What?!" Nimsi screeched.

Trunks stood up. "Sing? Of course not. But we really don't have anything for her to sing."

"Oh, that's okay! I know where Nimsi hides all her stuff." She gave them a wink; placed her

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fingers on her forehead and disappeared.

"Kinichi! I swear I will kill her when she gets back!"

"Calm down, Nimsi." Kaki laid a hand on her shoulder. "We can have some fun once in a while."

Nimsi mumbled under her breath the whole time while they waited for Kinichi.

Finally, she returned with a handful of tapes. "Got 'em!" She cheered.

"Oh, joy," Nimsi replied.

"Come on, Nimsi! Grab the mic. and sing!"

"Fine." She jerked the microphone from her hand and stood poutily in front of everyone.

A click sounded off to her right, and a piano started to play.

Nimsi opened her mouth and closed her eyes. She felt the words slip out of her mouth that went to her song she used to sing when she was small called: "You know."

My heart froze in late December

A feeling so strong I will always remember

Heart loving emotions that goes straight to

The core

A friendship so strong but now so much more

Let's make a promise for you to come back

Where I wait

If only in your heart you know that

It's our fate

But if you don't come because in your

Heart you know

I shall leave you and stay as so

This truth will be broken

This message unspoken

The tears I am freely spilling

Will be my pain and loneliness

You will not be the guilt

These petals turn into beautiful butterflies

As you appear with an expressionless light that glows

I know you can hear my heart as it cries:

'You are..You know'

Let's make a promise for you to come back

Where I wait

If only in your heart you know that

It's our fate

But if you don't come because in your

Heart you know

I shall leave you and stay as so

But I am glad you know

That you are the one for me...

You are...You know

The music faded away and she looked around at everyone. They clapped endulgingly, and whistled at her with their fingers.

She looked over to Jin, who sat in the darkest corner with his face beet red.

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She laid the microphone on the ground and walked back to the seat she was sitting in before, the one right next to Jin.

"My turn!" Kinichi squealed. She jumped up and placed another tape in the karaoke and stood up and faced everyone.

A slow rhythm of a soft song drifted into the air. It was a sweet melody with a steady beat. Kinichi smiled and begun:

I can see you

Disappearing into the moon

Suddenly I remember

I won't be seeing you anytime soon

I feel you

Baby I can see

I can see you tender face

But you can't see me

I have dreamed of you all my life

I'll do just about anything

To look into your eyes

How I need you next to me

Gotta get you in my world

Because baby I can't see

I love you so much

That I can't even find the light

I need you so much

I can't even sleep at night

I try and find the words

To keep you in my life

'Cause baby if you go

All I'll have is strife

She bowed happily after she finished, and Nimsi and the others clapped their hands thoughtfully. Kaki gave a loud whistle to show her appreciation.

"Thank you, thank you," Kinichi boasted.




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