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>>.Chapter 2

(*) Nimsi's mind is brayed...

Nimsi was now at home, waiting for her mind to catch up with her work. All that she could keep her mind on was the new student, Jin. He was mysterious in every way, and his name matched her dream. All that she knew, though, was that-- Shaking her head lightly, Nimsi started finished up her work for Science.

-| (*) |-

"Could you feel her power? Did you sense anything?" Mistress Junikyu asked Jin eagerly. "Tell me!"

Jin narrowed his eyes at her angrily, but kept his face smooth with silence. "I could feel a power."

The Mistress clapped her hands with delight and giggled with happiness. "That is wonderful! So wonderful!" She chanted over and over.

"But," Jin continued. The Mistress stopped as if time froze, and looked at Jin deeply.

"I don't think she holds the power of a Saiya-jin."

The Mistress jumped up from her seat. "What? Damn it! This cannot be! If she has a power then she must be something of value! Do you think that is possible?" Her eyes seemed to shake violently at him while she waited for an answer. "Well?"

"Yes, I do."

"Good then." Her eyes stopped its strange vibration and narrowed as she smiled. "Go get her," she echoed.

-| (*) |-

Ding dong! Nimsi's doorbell rang through the hallway and up the stairs and into her bedroom.

Sighing, she stepped out of bed and stepped down the stairs.

Ding dong! The doorbell rang again.

"I'm coming, damn it!" Nimsi screamed in return. She then reached the door and opened it with an expression of "What the hell do you want?" But in return all she got was a hyper active girl screaming, "Hi, Nimie!"

Nimsi felt a large sweatdrop cease on her forehead. "I told you not to knock on my door again," she smiled in return. "Now go away."

She started to close the door but Sky grabbed it, surprisingly stopping it.

"But I wanted to invite you to go shopping with me."


"C'mon! I know you do." She gave a wink to Nimsi.

"I said no." And with that, Nimsi slammed the door in Sky's face.

Later that day, Nimsi finally got out of the house without Sky seeing her. She walked down her block to the park where she would wait for Kaki and Kinichi. It was about seven o'clock and the sun was almost about to set, so it made the sky light up crimson and red. The atmosphere was kind of mild; her hair to stuck to her neck, making her pull it off numerous times.

She finally reached the park around seven twenty and plopped herself on a bench.

She was upset today, despite she had to wear the outfit of a human. It was a red belly shirt tied

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over a long, black sleeved shirt that was tucked into some baggy khakis. Her boots weighed at least 3 pounds, for they were also large enough to break someone's ribcage in one blow.

Five minutes had already ticked by and Nimsi still waited patiently for them.

Man, they should just use Instant Transmission. No one's around, she thought.

Sighing, Nimsi lay her head back against the back of the bench and glared at the sky. It was now dark and the sky was filled with stars. When she looked to the left she could see a tiny crescent moon from behind the leaves of the trees. But for some reason, every time she looked at the brightest star (which was in the middle), Jin would appear in her head.

Thinking this was a vision, Nimsi sat straight up and looked to the right to see Jin.

He walked toward her silently, his hand buried in his baggy blue-jeans that had a long, dark shirt hanging a but below his pockets.

"What are you doing here so late?" He asked, stopping about a foot or two away from her.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," she answered.

"Hm. In a bad mood like usual, eh?"

"Not exactly," she growled angrily.

She then stood up, about to walk away, but something held her back. Something she had never felt before.




"Just leave me alone, all right? You get on my damn nerves."

Nimsi, saying her last words to him, turned and started walking off. After three steps, something painfully hit her on the side of the neck, and she passed out.




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