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>>.Chapter 4

(*) Deriving the Dragonballs...

"Hey, Nimsi. Where've you been?" Kaki asked, as she closed the door for Nimsi.

"Oh, I just got this device from Buu that holds the Dragonballs," she lied solemnly.

Silence filled the air as Nimsi sat down on Kaki's couch. Kinichi and Kaki both stared at Nimsi, who seemed to be in a daze.

Finally Kaki spoke up. "How and why did you see Buu?"

Nimsi turned her eyes over to Kinichi. "He came to me in a vision to give me this device." She lifted the necklace up with her hand to show to Kinichi. "He says that I need to hold the Dragonballs so no one will steal them. Keeping them out in your room is not a good place to keep them." Nimsi gave a weird chuckle that made Kinichi and Kaki's eyes grow wide. This was the first time they had ever heard Nimsi laugh since about they met her, and it was so unlike her.

"Well, anyway," Nimsi stood up and looked at Kaki's closet. "Better get the Dragonballs and be on my way."

She walked to the closet and opened it up. There were four Dragonballs sparkling from the light that poured from behind her.

Her eyes sparkled with joy as she pulled the device off her neck and pointed it to the Dragonballs.

Instantly, a red lazer shot from the crescent moon and sucked up the Dragonballs in a snap.

"I hope this impresses you, Jin," she whispered.




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