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>>.Chapter 6

(*) Childhood friends reunite...

Kinichi typed a few more keys into the laptop and closed it suddenly with a snap.

"I've got it!" She yelled excitily.

"Got what?" Kaki answered, not looking up from her piece of paper.

"Nimsi has been brainwashed! Couldn't you tell?" She stood up and walked to the door. "I'm gonna' go get her."

Kaki stood up. "But you don't know where she is."

"Yes, I do. Just come before it's too late."

-| (*) |-

For the second time, Nimsi's eyes opened with shock. She squirmed around in the seat, but couldn't move because of the locks around her wrist and ankles.

"Free me now!" She commanded Jin. "Let me go or I'll break loose and beat the shit out of you!" She jerked at the locks, but they didn't budge.

"Your not here to be captured," he said. "I'm here to reunite with you, best friend." He then laid out his hand, and on it lay an open locket with a picture of a younger Jin (she could tell by the eyes and hair due) and a girl who looked so familiar.

"What about it? All I want is to get the hell out of here!" She yelled. "Let me go!"

Jin flipped the locket in his hand and held it close to her face.

"Look closer," he whispered.

Nimsi narrowed her eyes at the picture until they began to hurt.

"There's nothing that I can see!"

Jin grabbed the beck of her head and pulled her close enough to see the detailed color in the picture.

"Just look at it! Look closely. Try and remember what..."

Jin' voice was no longer in Nimsi's point of view. All she could hear and see were Jin and..her. They were running through the school hallways, dodging scared people left and right.

A flash went across her vision, and the younger Nimsi was letting tears roll down her cheeks, and a hand was stuck inside a black cloud that hovered a few inches from her chest. Light poured all over the place, and Jin was grasping for her.

Another flash, and it showed a dark place with just enough light shining on Nimsi and Jin to make out the expressions on their face. They were talking to each other. Suddenly, Jin grabbed her arms and yelled something at her. She nodded, and Jin' arms were wrapped around her.

Nimsi snapped back into reality. Her face felt stiff because she had been crying.

She rested her eyes on Jin. "It really is you, isn't it?" She asked.

"Yes," he answered. And with that, he let the last lock around her wrist fall loose.

She jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck. She squeezed his shirt and laid her head on his shoulder. She felt his strong arms wrap around her.

"I can't remember the last time when I was this close to you," she whispered, sniffing.

"There weren't many." He pulled away from her and laid his hands on her face. "But there's no time for this. We need to get out of here with the Dragonballs.

Nimsi shook her head. "No, we can't. We have to get rid of The Mistress once and for all."

"I know that, Nimsi. But we need to get the Dragonballs away. She can get her hands on them easily if we don't get them out of here."

"Not if one of us holds them."

Jin nodded and dropped his hands from her face.

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He reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out the device. He held out his hand.

"Me? I should hold it?"

"Yes, you. Now take it and let's go."

Nimsi grabbed the device and stuffed it in her pocket. "Let's go."




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