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(*) Let the fight begin...

Nimsi and Jin walked into the main room where The Mistress sat in her chair, an angry expression covered her face.

"I know now, Junikyu," Nimsi said quietly, walking toward her. "And it's time for me to destroy you once and for all." She stopped a short distance from Junikyu.

Junikyu stood up and looked down at Nimsi, her face expressionless.

In an instant, Junikyu was behind Nimsi, ready to deliver her elbow right in her neck. But Nimsi was too quick. She turned and grabbed her elbow and flipped her over her shoulder.

Junikyu hit the ground and it cracked beneath her. Nimsi jumped back and softly landed on the ground.

"Give up. You're no match for me," Nimsi said quietly. She crossed her arms and watched Junikyu rise from the ground slowly.

Blood trickled down from her forehead as she glared at Nimsi.

"Oh, Nimsi. You don't know my true power. The power that is possessed inside of me." She chuckled loudly and bawled her hands up beside her in a fighting stance. "Let me show you my true power! AAAHHH!"

The ground beneath Nimsi's feet started to shake, so she floated in the air, not letting her eyes move off of Junikyu.

She could feel Junkiyu's powerlevel rise, and it was almost as strong as herselfs. But this wasn't Nimsi's true power either.

Smirking, Nimsi stood in her ready-to-fight stance and started to charge up.

She let out a long yell, and started to feel the power sour through her body. It felt good to go into her Super Saiya-jin level, but she hoped Junikyu didn't finish before her.

Exhaling, she laid her arms down by her side as she was now in her Super Saiya-jin form. She watched Junikyu still charging. Purple light seemed to glow from her body, and lightning stroke the ground behind her.

After minutes of waiting, Junikyu finally stopped yelling, and let her body detach from the tension.

"Are you finally finished?" Nimsi taunted.

Breathing hard, Junikyu choked out a 'yes.'

"Well, let's go!"

Junikyu appeared in front of her and got ready to deliver a punch to her face. Nimsi, though, was too quick. She held up her arm and blocked it easily. The battle was just beginning, and kicks and punched were delivered and the tension grew harder and harder.

Jin watched from the ground waiting for Nimsi to give Junikyu her ultimate attack. He knew that she had not told him or anyone about an ultimate attack, but he could tell she was saving up for it.

Behind him a rattling sound blocked his thoughts. He turned quickly and eyed two women standing side by side, watching the battle of Nimsi and Junikyu.

"Who are you?" Jin asked.

"Kinichi here!" replied the girl that kind of resembled Nimsi.

She gave him a wink, and soluted with a smile.

"I'm Kaki. Who the hell are you?" answered the girl with the short black hair and large blue eyes.

"..I'm just a friend of Nimsi's." He turned and began to watch the battle again.

"Man, he is so cute!" Kinichi whispered to Kaki.

"Yeah, I guess," she replied, not feeling to sure about saying that.

"I'm gonna' go get to know him a little more."

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Before Kaki could protest, Kinichi was already strutting up to Jin.

She pampered up her hair and dusted off her clothes. She said,"Hey. You gotta' girl?"

Jin said nothing. He kept his eyes on Nimsi and the battle.

"Well, I suppose that is a no?"

"..The battle is growing stronger. You and your friend better get out."

"Do you not think that we can fight?"


"Well, we can. I'm Nimsi's clone and Kaki's one of the surviving Saiya-jins."

Jin turned his head quickly toward her. "Saiya-jin?!"

"Yeah. She was one of the few that escaped. But I think you can that she is a Saiya-jin. Anyway! Do you have a girl in your life?"

Looking back to the battle he answer, "No."

"Oh, good. Very good." Kinichi slowly scooted closer to Jin as they watched the battle.

Jin could feel her fingers touch the top of his hand. He looked down at her and watched her look up at him. She smiled and began to lean up closer to him. She was now about to wrap her arms around him, but he stepped back, and she fell on the ground.

Jin looked back up at the battle, and watched Nimsi kick Junikyu to the ground. Blood was pouring down Nimsi's face, and her green eyes seemed to glow with hate.

" not going to give up..Ugh!" Junikyu tried to get up off the ground, but her arms seemed to have a large lump poking out of the skin. She fell back down and heaved heavily.

"This is your last time to see me, Junikyu." Nimsi set her arms at her side and two power balls of red and black formed in the palms of her hands. "My ultimate attack will destroy you." She then raised her hands as a white transparent barrier formed around her. "You will be sent to the abyss.." The two power balls formed together and started to grow to an enormous size. "..of oblivion. "The barrier around her disappeared, and the power ball was as long as Frieza's attack on Planet Vegeta.

"No! What is this power?" Junkiyu cried out.

"Yes. Finally her true power," Jin whispered to no one.

The expression on Nimsi's face was an enraged smirk. "Good-bye, Junikyu." She threw down her hands and the large power ball detached from her hands. "BLOOD OF THE DRAGONFLIES!" The large power ball then soared down to Junikyu. It struck Junikyu, and the ground cracked as the power ball swallowed her. Dust floated in all directions, shadowing over Nimsi.

Jin waited patiently until the dust cleared. He looked up into the air to find Nimsi weary and bloody, finishing with: "Good-bye, Junikyu."

With those last words, she fell out of the air and landed on the ground, unconscious.




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