I think cheating is a big no no. >P I think that's one of the worst things someone could do to anyone. It's nasty once you think about it. 'Specially if you're sleepin' with both of those people, which you shouldn't be. >.O Anyways.. don't cheat! I believe if you go out with one person then you can stick with that one person. If ya don't like 'em or they don't want to do what you want, easy... break up wit' 'em. Simple as that! Though, I know some people out there (like the ones on Jerry Springer) that when they find out that their boyfriend/ girlfriend is cheating on them with whoever, they don't get mad at their boyfriend/ girlfriend.. they get mad at the person that their boyfriend/ girlfriend is cheatin' on! People, people. You're supposed to be mad at your boyfriend/ girlfriend.