I believe existence is mainly a record. If someone loves you and keeps you in their memory, then you exist. So I'm sayin' that if you don't let anyone know you, then you don't exist. So in life, try to do somethin' to be remembered by. I draw and make web sites to be remembered. It doesn't always work, but I've got plenty of friends and I got them by kindness, I guess. So instead of drawing back from people (I do that sometimes), get to know them more and try to get interested into what they like and get them interested into what you like. If you've seen Serial Experiments Lain (awsome anime) then you know what I'm talkin' about. Chisa is a very drawnback person 'cause no one brought her into anything. Though, on the last episode of SEL, Alice asks her to come to Cyberia with her and her friends. Well, nothing tells of what happens, but I know that Chisa probably does go and becomes a more happier person. 'Cause it does show Alice married to that teacher she had a crush on when she's older, and nothing seems to be wrong in the world as far as I could see.