I believe that true love is not found by mere appearence, but found from the personailty. Most people say true love is found by first site, but I don't believe that at all. True love has nothing to do with appearence what so ever. Attitude, personailty, and emotion is the key.
When you go on a date with someone, try it out for several days and make sure you get to know their feelings as well as their interests. If you don't really compare equally to this person, and you know they don't either, then it's not a soul mate. But that doesn't mean you have to break up with them! Stay with them until you know it's time to face the truth - or until they know it's time to face the truth.
One of my best friends had a problem with gettin' guys. (No names are said!) Well, she finally said she found this guy that she just loved forever since first grade. Well, this guy didn't like her but liked me instead. Well, I tried to get him to notice her some by inviting them over to my house, bringing them to places, and stuff like that. But that guy just did not like her! And then I finally realized that I was kinda helping the foe more than the friend. So I finally just sorta let all the invitations and everything slip away. Well, my friend was still obsessed with him, knowing he didn't like her, so she asked him to a Valentine's dance at her church. Being a kind person that he is, he said yes. So, this was my oppertunity to make my friend have a little more courage about him. At the dance I begged him to dance with her. I got him to. They danced and everything. It was sweet. Though, he still didn't like her. And he doesn't now. Well, my friend finally got over him, and now he barely talks to me or my friend.
If you didn't get my message, then here is something to help you out: Do not keep on liking someone if you know they will not like you. Though, if you know this person does like you or will like you, keep going for it! That's what I did and it worked.