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#31 for Aww, is such a cute name! I really love the design, it's beautiful. Keep it up ok?
Feb 4, 2004 by Kelly @ http

#30 for Potato.
Jan 31, 2004 by The Dane @ http

#29 for You have an absolutely gorgeous site with great graphics and content. ^_^ I would also love to exchange links with you, if that's okay. :D
Jan 17, 2004 by lian @ http

#28 for I would love to link exchange with you ^_^ I'll get your button up by today okie?
Jan 16, 2004 by chilli @ http

#27 for all sites All your sites are absolutely beautiful ... i enjoyed looking over all of them. Best of luck in the future! x
Jan 13, 2004 by Kate @ http

only for me?

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