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#22 for Hey Rae! Merry Christmas to you too! <333
Dec 27, 2003 by Azumi @ http

#21 for new layout -huggles it- i love it soo much..Very beautiful
Dec 23, 2003 by Lily @ http

#20 for all sites *looks at previous guestbook entries*

It's not just me - seems like everyone is in awe of you!

Dec 4, 2003 by Lauren @ http

#19 for awesome, awesome, awesome. great design and content and i love the name~
Dec 3, 2003 by Nell @ http

#18 for :D your layouts are so pretty and nice! *stares* hehe.. this is irene, one of your hostees. o_o;; i'm so sorry that i didn't start coding my blog yet... i have to figure out mt.. >_< anyhow... i'll try and thanks again for hosting me!
Nov 27, 2003 by irene @ http

only for me?

Image credited to :D

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