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#17 for raechell only!
Nov 19, 2003 by stevie @ http

#16 for Wow, amazing design. And the guestbook is so spiffy ;) I'll be sure to visit often. Would you be interested in affiliation or a link exchange? Thanks :) Ta-ta!
Nov 15, 2003 by Sarah @ http

#15 for all sites Your layouts are gorgeous ( I love Haibane Renmei!), wonderful job! <3<3
Nov 9, 2003 by Alisha @ http

#14 for Of course! I'd love to do a link exchange! n_n I'll get your link up right away. And thank you for the pleasent comment. I am loved. <3
Nov 7, 2003 by Kirsty @ http

#13 for Oooh, beautiful. I really like how the layout fades in with the green background image you created. I envy your skills -_-" Keep up the great work!
Nov 7, 2003 by Crystal @ http

only for me?

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