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#7 for you got a cool domain your layout very much!!!keep up the AWESOME work and good luck!
Oct 25, 2003 by kaika @ http

#6 for all sites All your sites are sexy, who gives a damn which one I'm talking about XD I love them all! And you host me, what else could I say? Oh, RAECHIE R0X0RZ!

Defy her and you'll be having many maimed limbs for the rest of your bloody life. And let that be a warning AND a threat to you all >D

Oct 20, 2003 by Alice @ http

#5 for all sites Blah! Blah blah blah blah....dribble dribble blah....laff joke joke...blah blah blah blah...dribble....balh...

-My Weekend speech...from speech me a 100

Oct 19, 2003 by The guy from art class @ http

#4 for all sites hello rae.
Oct 15, 2003 by David @ http

#3 for all sites raechell only!
Oct 12, 2003 by Eric Hebert @ http

only for me?

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