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Lenne was a summoner who lived 1000 years ago. Even though she was a summoner from Spira, she set out on a pilgrimage and worked as a singer. The reason for her pilgrimage was to defeat Sin. This is quite similar to Yuuna who also set out to defeat Sin. Lenne was in love with Shuin (Tidus look alike). Shuin is a blitzball player and was in a high society status. He later on found out that Lenne would die if she finished her pilgrimage to defeat Sin. Out of love, Shuin vowed to save Lenne and was going to activate 'Vengagun' a strong machina. Something that stood in the way was their religion 'Yevon'; it forbidden the people of using machina. He hoped that by using the 'Vengagun' would save Lenne. When he activated the machina, Lenne called out to him. He emerged from the machina and both of them were caught by the guards. Both Lenne and Shuin were sentenced to death for being traitors of 'Yevon'. They were shot to death. Even though they died, this wasn't the end of their story.