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Muezk is an MP3 rotation site maintained by me, Raechell. Daily to weekly, a new post will be made with songs to download. The music uploaded will vary in languages and genres.
1) Respect the artists you enjoy by buying their albums.
2) Delete the songs you download within 24 hours.
3) Absolutely no direct linking.

To save the songs posted, right-click and save. :)
I do take requests! :) The steps are simple:

1) take a look through the English-only playlist or foreign-only playlist;
2) pick 1-3 songs that you'd like me to upload for you;
3) when I make a "REQUEST" post, just list the songs you've picked out.

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Awitan Mo
Ever Drifting
Milky Way
The Sound

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Oh crap18Jun06
@0248PM | General | Comments (0)

I had hotlink protection enabled and none of the MP3s were downloadable!

Fixed, and sorry about that!

@0241PM | English, Foreign | Comments (0)

Aww no requests. Guess I’ll need to wait it out a bit more (I’m so impatient!).

Other than that, I uploaded some more songs! Woot!

stereophonics - maybe tomorrow.mp3
utada hikaru - blue.mp3
yaida hitomi - my sweet darlin’.mp3
faye wong - wo yuen yi.mp3


First request post D:16Jun06
@1120AM | Request | Comments (0)

I don’t think I have too many visitors [yet], but I’m going to start up the first request post.

The simple directions:
- Look to the right for directions on requesting (hint: it’s under the heading REQUESTING)
- Comment on this post ONLY with the songs that you want me to upload for you

That’s it! I can’t wait to see what’s going to be requested.

@0431PM | English, Foreign | Comments (0)

Ani Difranco is AMAZING. I feel proud to share her music with people.

ani difranco - anyday.mp3

Ashley Parker Angel… to be honest, when I saw his name I was saying to myself, “Oh God, I must’ve found myself another ex-boyband ‘artist’ going solo.” Of course, I was wrong. I’m glad I didn’t delete it without listening first.

ashley parker angel - shades of blue.mp3

Here are a few Latin songs. “Malagueno Salerose” is highly recommended. “Chacaron”, on the other hand, was uploaded for humour purposes (the song can get really annoying!).

chingon - malagueno salerosa.mp3
soca gang - chacaron.mp3

Just a few more10Jun06
@1021PM | English | Comments (0)

Uploading a few more before I hit the sack.

coal - stay.mp3
coheed and cambria - the lying lies & dirty secrets of miss erica court.mp3
crash boom bang - let it out.mp3
dolly parton - travelin’ tru.mp3

First MP3 post
@0402PM | General, English | Comments (0)

Woot! It should be so much easier to update this web site now that I’ve installed WordPress. I’ve abused it for quite a while, but now that summer’s around (and I’m still jobless), I have pleeeeeeenty of time on my hands.

Okay, here we go!

acdc - if you want blood (you’ve got it).mp3
aqualung - strange & beautiful.mp3
bt & roots - tao of the machine.mp3
x-ray dog - here comes the king (choir & drums).mp3